Alex Jones Entrenched in Second Legal Battle with Sandy Hook Parents After Paying $50M Just Weeks Prior

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Conspiracy Theorist and Radio Host Alex Jones Attending A Protest(Image by seanpanderson)

Just weeks after being ordered to pay $50 million by a Texas judge, Alex Jones is entrenched in a second legal battle with the families of Sandy Hook victims. This time, the trial is happening in a Connecticut court, and Jones will be taking the witness stand this time. The families of Sandy Hook victims brought about the defamation lawsuit after being harassed after Jones claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 was fake.

Alex Jones had claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax staged by the government in an effort to tighten gun laws. Jones had told his viewers on his radio show that "We got to get private investigators up to Sandy Hook right now. Because I’m telling you this — this stinks to highest heaven.”

The trial started with Alex Jones taking the stand and answering to lawyers. The Plaintiffs attorney Christopher Mattei showed the court a video of Alex Jones claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting was as “phony as a three-dollar bill."

Alex Jones has been in Connecticut long before his trial began, taking the extra time to hold press conferences in attempts to rally supporters. At a press conference on September 21st, Alex Jones said that the trial was “a literal kangaroo court.” At that same press conference, Jones called Judge Barbara Bellis a "tyrant."

The plaintiffs' attorney started by asking the radio host whether he really believed that Judge Bellis was a tyrant and whether or not he called a lot of people tyrants. Jones replied simply with “Only when they act like it."

Parents, family, and others involved will also give their testimonies in front of the court in coming days.

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