Texas Is Facing A Statewide Teacher Shortage

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The state of Texas is facing a critical shortage of teachers. That's why Gov. Greg Abbott created a teacher shortage task force earlier this year.

"Teachers play a critical role in the development and long-term success of our students," said the Governor. "This task force should work diligently to ensure that best practices and resources for recruitment and retention are provided to districts to ensure the learning environment of Texas students is not interrupted by the absence of a qualified teacher."

Sadly, the situation isn't trending in a positive direction. A recent survey of K-12 teachers in Texas indicated that a majority of teachers are thinking of leaving the profession. "Of those surveyed, 77% of them seriously considered leaving the profession in 2022," per The Texas Tribune. "That's a 19% jump from the 2020 results and a 9% increase from last year. Among these teachers, 93% have taken steps to leave such as preparing resumes or conducting job interviews within the past year."

Throughout Texas, class sizes are increasing, and some school districts are even moving to a 4-day week. In an interview with Good Morning America, John Seybold, Jasper Independent School District superintendent, discussed the impact of teacher shortages:

"Teacher burnout has been an issue for a long time, but since Covid, it has seemed to expand, and it's becoming more and more of an issue. The four-day week kind of makes it a little more manageable for them because there's so much pressure placed on our teachers. As a school district, ultimately the best thing we can do for kids is put the best possible teacher in front of them every day."

Clearly, something needs to be done to fix the teacher shortage in Texas. Because unless action is swiftly taken, students will continue to suffer.

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