Hitler's secret plan for invading North America

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What if the Allies didn’t win World War Two? For the United States and Europe, it would’ve been a disaster.

“Nazi forces are not seeking modifications to colonial maps or minor European boundaries,” said President Franklin D. Roosevelt (D-New York). “They seek the destruction of all elective systems of government on every continent, including our own. They seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers who seize power by force.”

Many people don’t know that Adolf Hitler wanted to invade North America. So without further ado, let’s find out what could’ve happened if the Axis powers succeeded.

Hitler Wanted More Than European Domination

He wanted the world.

In 1941, Adolf Hitler felt overconfident in the Axis’s ability to defeat the Allies in Europe. As a result, the Nazis prepared a huge Kriegsmarine (German Navy) expansion. It included 25 battleships, eight aircraft carriers, 50 cruisers, 400 submarines, and 150 destroyers.

Hitler also wanted to occupy the Portuguese Azores, Cape Verde, Madeira, and the Spanish Canary Islands. The purpose would be to deny the Allies a staging ground for military operations against Nazi-controlled Europe.

Occupying islands in the Atlantic Ocean would also help the Nazis to acquire airfields for military operations against North America.

Additionally, Hitler formed an alliance with the Japanese Empire which had the world’s second largest navy. Hitler would have needed Japanese help because it would have been several years before his new Kriegsmarine was ready. Additionally, the Kriesgmarine would have needed Japanese expertise to develop and deploy aircraft carriers. Germany had no functioning aircraft carriers or trained carrier pilots in 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy had several.

Notably, Hitler declared war on the United States shortly after the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the US Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The United States Viewed The Nazi Threat As Credible

According to documents published by the US Department of Defense, Hitler wanted to use the Azores to launch long-range bombing campaigns on American cities. That’s why Franklin D. Roosevelt declared a state of national emergency on May 27th, 1941:

“Unless the advance of Hitlerism is forcibly checked now, the Western Hemisphere will be within range of the Nazi weapons of destruction. Equally, the Azores and the Cape Verde islands, if occupied or controlled by Germany, would directly endanger the freedom of the Atlantic and our own American physical safety. Old fashioned common sense calls for the use of strategy that will prevent such an enemy from gaining a foothold in the first place.”
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Everyone knew Adolf Hitler was crazy. After defeating the British, he expected the United Kingdom to lend its large navy to the Axis forces in their eventual invasion of the United States.

“England and America will one day have a war with one another,” said Hitler. “It will be waged with the greatest hatred imaginable. One of the two countries will have to disappear. And I shall no longer be there to see it. But, I rejoice on behalf of the German people at the idea that one day we will see England and Germany marching together against America.”

Hitler Considered Invading Canada (But Decided Against It)

The country was known for its rich natural resources.

Since it had a large geographic area combined with a low population density, it was dubbed “a space without people.” According to Hitler, Canada starkly contrasted with Germany, which was considered “a people without space.”

Hitler decided against including Canada in a future German empire. He believed Canadians were seen to be incapable of understanding sophisticated culture, and thus German immigration to Canada was viewed as a mistake since they would be forced to live in an “empty civilization.” It is probable Hitler decided to give Canada to his ally the Japanese Empire.

Anyway, Hitler believed that the United States would annex Canada at the earliest opportunity. He also thought Canadians would gladly accept such a move. But since Hitler was extremely delusional during World War Two, it’s hard to imagine such events ever happening.

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