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What Would Happen To Los Angeles If Sea Levels Rise? Here's Your Answer

Matt Lillywhite

"Given current trends in greenhouse gas emissions and increasing global temperatures, sea level rise is expected to accelerate in the coming decades," per the California Coastal Commission. It's also worth noting that scientists predict a 66-inch rise in sea level across parts of California's coast by the year 2100. For context, that's approximately 5.5 feet.

It's no secret that parts of the Los Angeles metropolitan area are extremely vulnerable to rising sea levels. "It’s important to underscore that this report supports previous studies and confirms what we’ve known all along," said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson in the LA Times. "Sea levels are continuing to rise at a very alarming rate, and it’s endangering communities around the world."

Here's what five feet of sea-level rise would look like in Venice:

Here's what five feet of sea level rise would look like in Long Beach:

Here's what five feet of sea level rise would look like in Huntington Beach:

According to the Legislative Analyst's Office of California (LAO), "between $8 billion and $10 billion of existing property in California is likely to be underwater by 2050, with an additional $6 billion to $10 billion at risk during high tides." The LAO also says that if sea levels rise by 3-6 feet, "up to two‑thirds of Southern California beaches may become completely eroded by 2100."

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