Shortages Force Texas Parents To Ration Baby Formula

Matt Lillywhite

Many cities in Texas (such as Houston) are experiencing a baby formula shortage, per the Houston Chronicle. And sadly, some parents in the Lone Star State are being forced to ration baby formula to make it last as long as possible.

"Across the country, many mothers say they are rationing food for their babies as they search for more formula. Some are driving several hours, only to find more empty shelves," per The New York Times. "Online, private sellers are gouging prices, marketing cans for double or triple their normal price, and many large retailers are sold out altogether."

During a crisis that has left some parents struggling to feed their young children, San Antonio has sadly experienced the nation's greatest baby formula shortages. The lack of available baby formula throughout Texas (and many other states) is partially due to supply chain problems, per NBC News. However, The White House recently drew attention to the fact that product recalls have led to less supply than usual throughout the United States.

"The FDA issued a recall to make sure that they're meeting their obligation to protect the health of Americans - including babies who, of course, were receiving or taking this formula - and ensure safe products are available. That's their job," said Jen Psaki. "Ensuring the availability is also a priority for the FDA, and they're working around the clock to address any possible shortage."

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