Will Texas Governor Greg Abbott Run For President In 2024? It's Possible

Matt Lillywhite

Texas Governor Greg Abbott's controversial approach to the Texas border crisis might be a first step toward a potential presidential candidacy in 2024, according to The Hill. "Texas Gov. Greg Abbott drew national attention this week by sending two buses full of Latin American asylum applicants from the southern border to Washington, D.C., the latest move to fuel speculation that he’s plotting a future campaign for the White House."

Texas GOP strategist Brendan Steinhauser said Governor Abbott's decision to send buses full of Latin American asylum applicants to Washington DC was received positively by Republican voters. "It's playing well with Republicans because they clearly want their elected officials to be tough on illegal immigration. They want to make sure that security comes first."

While the Texas Governor's latest move has fueled speculation about a potential White House run, many experts believe he won't make a formal decision until former President Donald Trump decides whether or not to run in 2024. “It still remains a waiting game for all of those Republicans until Donald Trump decides what he will do," said Doug Heye, a former Republican National Committee communications director. "They’re all jockeying for a race they ultimately may not run."

Many Texans have praised Gov. Greg Abbott's handling of the Texas border crisis, while others believe he has worsened the situation. Some truckers recently waited more than 30 hours to cross the border after Gov. Abbott ordered enhanced inspections of commercial vehicles. And while the inspections have recently been suspended, damage to supply chains has already been done. Quoting an article published by CNN:

"A weeklong protest by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott against President Biden's recent immigration policy reached a resolution on Friday, but the gridlock it created has resulted in hundreds of millions of lost dollars and delays in shipments of everything from avocados to automobile parts that will have a longer-term impact."

If Abbott and Donald Trump both decide not to run for President in 2024, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is seen by many Republicans as someone who could potentially win a national election. “DeSantis would be a formidable 2024 candidate in the Trump lane should Trump not run,” said Dan Eberhart during an interview with The New York Times.

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