Gas Prices Are About To Get Cheaper In Texas

Matt Lillywhite

President Joe Biden will suspend a federal rule prohibiting the sale of higher ethanol blend gasoline in Texas (and around the country). The reason? His administration wants to bring down gas prices, which have drastically risen since Russia first invaded Ukraine. Quoting an article published by NPR:

"Gas prices have risen dramatically in the last few months, reaching a national average price of $4.11 a gallon as of Monday, according to AAA. Though that's down somewhat from last month's high, it is still a considerable jump from this time last year when prices were just $2.86 a gallon."

According to CBS News, drivers in Midland, Texas, pay the highest average price of $3.90 per gallon, while drivers in Amarillo pay the lowest at $3.52 per gallon. Meanwhile, those filling up their cars in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area spend an average of $3.68 per gallon.

Current legislation allows gas stations to sell a 10% ethanol blend throughout the year, but owing to its instability in the heat and during peak travel months, the 15% mixture known as E15 gasoline is normally forbidden for sale from June 1 to September 15. However, President Biden's move to lower gas prices will mean that E15 can be sold during the summer months.

The White House said in a statement that President Biden is attempting to address the pain Americans are experiencing at the gas pump. "The Administration's strategy to spur the development of homegrown biofuels is critical to expanding Americans' options for affordable fuel in the short-term and to building real energy independence in the long-term by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels."

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