Elon Musk Wants Texas To Become The Global Hub Of Space Exploration

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The geographic location of Texas is absolutely perfect for launching rockets. It's one of the closest American states to the equator and has consistently good weather throughout the year. That's important because the Earth spins faster at the equator, so launching rockets from Texas makes the spacecraft move several hundred kilometers faster once launched.

It's worth noting that Texas is offering tax breaks to space exploration companies. So, the great location combined with a friendly business environment makes Texas a fairly affordable place to launch rockets in the United States. Quoting Arin Waichulis, who runs LatestInSpace on Twitter:

"Combined with cheap land and consistently good weather, the lone star state is quite an attractive place for companies to launch their respective missions to take humanity beyond Earth."

"I can't think of anything more exciting than going out there and being among the stars," said Elon Musk, whose primary goal in life is to establish a human colony on Mars. According to the BBC Science Focus Magazine, Elon is attempting to establish a city in Texas named Starbase that will serve as the world's space exploration capital. "It would house all those who work at the launch site, those who intend to fly on the rocket, and be a tourist destination for those wanting to witness the awesome power of a launch."

If Elon Musk's dream eventually comes to fruition, people would travel from around the world to witness frequent rocket launches (like they did in the 20th century with NASA launches at Cape Canaveral in Florida). Because Elon wants to make rocket launches affordable to the general public, Texas could theoretically be the last stop before traveling to the moon, Mars, or anywhere else in the solar system. "The parents of the first native-born Martians could very well be alive today," said Arin Waichulis.

Several countries around the world are trying to become global leaders when it comes to space exploration. China recently launched its 40th orbital rocket of 2021. The European Space Agency just announced a plan to put a woman on the moon by 2024. And a few weeks ago, a Russian film crew began making the first movie filmed in space.

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