Some Republicans Want To Impeach Joe Biden

Matt Lillywhite

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene recently filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden for alleged abuse of power in the US House of Representatives. The President is accused of exploiting his role by allowing his son, Hunter, to profit from global influence in business dealings, per documents filed by Rep. Greene.

According to the articles of impeachment, which are publicly available online, "President Biden abused the power of that (Presidential) office through enabling bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors by allowing his son Hunter Biden to influence the domestic policy of a foreign nation and accept benefits from foreign nationals in exchange for favors." Greene also stated that she has filed more articles of impeachment against the US President, citing Biden's mishandling of the US-Mexico border crisis, his failed Afghanistan withdrawal, and his COVID-19 eviction moratorium.

Although many Republicans and Independents are excited at the prospect of a Biden impeachment, the probability of it happening is extremely low. After all, Democrats control both the House and Senate (at the time of writing).

Despite many of Rep. Greene's claims being highly questionable, a few of them have been discussed by mainstream media sources. According to Fox News, "it is widely believed that Hunter Biden, and his uncle James Biden, received millions in influence peddling. For his part, Hunter only had influence and access to sell." The article also states, "Recently released emails reference payments to President Biden from son Hunter's accounts and indicate the possible commingling of funds."

Also, according to CNN, "News of Hunter Biden's burgeoning art career and the prices of his artworks raised alarms among ethics experts expressing concern over whether individuals would purchase the art to gain influence with the President. The pieces were expected to be priced between $75,000 and $500,000 - largely seen as steep for an artistic debut."

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