Dr. Fauci Predicts The Future Of The Pandemic In Texas

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Dr. Fauci recently made a prediction that has experts worried about another surge of infections in Texas (and several other states).

"As long as you have virus freely circulating in the environment in society, jumping from person to person, that virus, by the fact that it continually replicates, gives itself ample opportunity to mutate," Fauci noted. Since Texas has looser restrictions than Democratic states such as California, the virus will have a higher probability of developing a variant that can evade vaccines. And obviously, a terrifying development like that could undo a lot of hard work and sacrifice made by the American people.

Fauci continued to say, "When you give it (the virus) ample opportunity to mutate, sooner or later you will get an accumulation of mutations that will lead to another variant. So that's the reason why we say the best way to prevent the future emergence of variants that might be problematic. The best way to do that is the don't give the virus the opportunity to freely spread." In simple terms, that means restrictions on the unvaccinated might be necessary to reduce deaths in Texas (and around the country). After all, data published by the CDC shows that fully vaccinated people are 10x less likely to require hospitalization.

Some countries around the world are already implementing restrictions on people who aren't fully vaccinated. According to CNBC, "France, Greece and the U.K. are among European countries mandating vaccinations for health professionals or home care staff. In China, some local governments have reportedly said students will not be allowed back to school in September unless their entire family is fully vaccinated." Meanwhile, in Israel, citizens currently need three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to enter hotels, restaurants, and other indoor venues.

In related news, Children in Texas (and around the country) will soon be able to get their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. "If all goes well, and we get the regulatory approval and the recommendation from the CDC, it's entirely possible (if not very likely) that vaccines will be available for children from 5 to 11 within the first week or two of November," Fauci recently said in an interview with ABC News.

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