Democrats From California Could Turn Texas Blue

Matt Lillywhite

Approximately 687k people moved from California to Texas in recent years. Therefore, some people are worried that Democrats are trying to turn Texas into a blue state.
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Many Democrats are leaving California because they claim it's expensive and poorly governed. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of left-leaning liberals have left the State. But some locals worry migrants are attempting to turn Texas blue by bringing progressive politics with them.

Major cities such as Austin have seen a massive influx of immigrants from California in recent years. House prices have skyrocketed. And as you might expect, local Texans are being priced out of their own neighborhoods due to wealthy Californians coming to the lone star state. And with the 2020 census confirming that Texas is becoming more diverse, many Republicans are worried that the State could someday turn blue.

Illegal immigration on the southern border has reached the highest level in over 20 years, and Latino voters vote for Democrats a lot more frequently than Republicans. Left-leaning progressives will often paint themselves as the good guys during elections. "Vote for me, and all of your problems will disappear." But more often than not, utopian politics creates a nightmare dystopia that people try to flee.

Don't believe me? Just ask the people who left California in the past few years. Real-estate prices are ridiculously high. The State is restricting citizen's water use. And, of course, many people in the Democratic Party prioritize utopian thinking over realistic policies. Quoting an article published by USA Today:

"After nearly a decade of one-party rule, the once-Golden State is tarnished, possibly beyond repair. Listing all the problems facing our neighbors across the Colorado River would require several books, so I'll only highlight a few. The fifth-largest economy in the world and home to many of the greatest technology companies on Earth can't keep the lights on. The State's three largest utilities turned off power to more than 410,000 homes and businesses."

I'm going to say what many Texans are thinking. The lone star state is filled with friendly people and low taxes. Everyone is welcome to move to Texas, but they can't keep voting for the same policies that made them leave California. That would be a disaster for everyone.

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