2021 Is One Of The Most Violent Years In Texas History

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If you want to reduce your chances of being a victim of crime in major cities such as Austin, Dallas, or Houston, consider implementing the following strategies.

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We all know that crime is a big problem in cities throughout Texas. According to city records, 90,916 offenses were recorded to the Houston Police Department from January through May 2019. During 2021, 103k crimes were reported during the same time frame. Meanwhile in Dallas, crime is steadily increasing. According to Fox News, 2021 set to be one of the most violent years in several decades.

If you want to reduce your chances of being a victim of violent crime, here are several strategies you can implement:

Keep Walking If Someone Stops You On The Street.

A criminal can easily pin you down on the ground and steal your wallet if you're standing still. After all, it doesn't take much energy or force to subdue someone while they're standing still. However, if you continue walking, it will take a lot more effort for a criminal to steal your items because most of them are opportunistic.

Don't Walk Alone (Especially At Night).

This is common sense. If you're walking alone, it'll be much easier for someone to stop you in the middle of the street and take your items. But if you're walking with a group of friends, criminals will probably want to avoid making a scene. So, if you ever find yourself alone and walking through a sketchy neighborhood, it might be worth hailing an Uber or Taxi.

Make Noise To Attract Attention.

Most criminals prefer to be sneaky. So if you scream and make a lot of noise in the middle of the street, they'll probably flee because they don't want to get caught and go to jail. It's also a good idea to have a bottle of pepper spray on hand in case a criminal tries to mug you. After all, it will sting their eyes and allow you to flee the mugger.

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