Another Lockdown Might Be Necessary In California

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When the pandemic began, government officials in California asked the public to stay at home for a couple of weeks to "flatten the curve" and prevent local hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. But weeks quickly turned into months, and months eventually turned into a year of Covid-19 restrictions.

English public health officials have warned that a winter lockdown might be necessary due to the Delta variant causing increased hospitalizations, combined with a brutal flu season. Put simply, several public health emergencies happening simultaneously could overwhelm the healthcare system and cause havoc. Quoting the Huffington Post:

"We are going to see a rise in a disease called bronchiolitis, and a rise in community-acquired pneumonia in children and in the frail elderly, to the other respiratory viruses for which we don't have vaccines. So that's why we're predicting a rough July, August, and then a rough winter period."

Since the UK has more cases of the Delta variant than the United States, it's a good case study as to what might happen in the US during the next few months. And unfortunately, many local health officials are extremely worried. Los Angeles County will provide an updated total of Covid-19 Delta variant infections this week, according to Los Angeles Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer. Quoting a recent statement:

"I am positive that we will see a significant increase in specimens that are testing positive for the Delta variant. Because we, like all other places in the United States and in fact other places in the world where they're seeing the Delta variant, it does, in fact, proliferate very quickly," noted Ferrer. "It is the most infectious variant that has been identified to date here in California, and that means that for those people who are unvaccinated, it is going to pose a big risk because it spreads so easily."

The Delta (Indian) variant is rapidly spreading throughout California and causing significant amounts of hospitalizations in unvaccinated people. And to make things worse, it appears to be somewhat resistant to the current vaccines. So, if the Delta variant overwhelms the local hospital system, another lockdown might be necessary for the state of California. Quoting an article published by the Nature science journal:

"Delta is moderately resistant to vaccines, particularly in people who have received just a single dose. A Public Health England study published on 22 May found that a single dose of either AstraZeneca's or Pfizer's vaccine reduced a person's risk of developing COVID-19 symptoms caused by the Delta variant by 33%, compared to 50% for the Alpha variant. A second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine boosted protection against Delta to 60% (compared to 66% against Alpha), while two doses of Pfizer's jab were 88% effective (compared to 93% against Alpha)."

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the highly contagious variant is the "greatest threat" to the nation's quest to eliminate Covid-19. The variant that was initially discovered in India now accounts for 20% of new cases in the United States. Plus, Fauci also noted that Delta looks to be "following the same pattern" as Alpha, the variation initially discovered in the United Kingdom, with infections doubling every two weeks in the United States.

Are you concerned about the Delta variant in the state of California? And would you support another lockdown? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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