Science Shows That Afternoon Naps Are Great For Productivity

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Because of afternoon naps, I’ve become a lot more creative, productive, and have the mental energy to accomplish all of my tasks throughout the day. The person I was just a few months ago is entirely unrecognizable.

Chances are, you want to do the same. You want to obtain mental clarity, so you can focus more intently on the things that matter to you. If that’s the case, taking an afternoon nap is certainly a great way to increase your overall level of happiness and productivity.

Here’s why.

If You’re Feeling Stressed, Taking A Nap Can Help To Make You Feel More Relaxed.

Or, at the very least, as cool as a cucumber. Because when you fall asleep, your body temperature decreases by several degrees. You sleep much better when you’re relaxed.

Like many people, I’ve dealt with a lot of stress over the past few months due to global events. But taking an afternoon nap every day has helped me to feel a lot more relaxed. The reason? Research suggests naps can help to improve emotional regulation and increase your ability to tolerate frustration. Quoting The Huffington Post:

“A 2011 study also found that those who napped for at least 45 minutes had lower blood pressure in response to psychological stress than those who did not nap.”

Taking A Nap Isn’t Lazy. It Can Boost Your Memory And Productivity.

This might sound counterproductive… but hear me out.

Going to sleep in the middle of the afternoon is one of the best things you can do for your productivity. After all, it can have an incredible impact on your memory and overall level of cognitive function. Quoting an article published by The John Hopkins University School of Medicine:

“Scientists found that people who napped for 30 to 90 minutes had better word recall — which is a sign of good memory — than people who did not nap or who napped for longer than 90 minutes. People who napped for that golden 30 to 90 minutes were also better at figure drawing, another sign of good cognition.”

Perhaps it’s time for America (and many other countries) to embrace afternoon naps on a much wider scale. After all, a few minutes of nap-time per day can massively improve sleep, memory, and emotional regulation. And if that’s not a great habit to implement into your daily routine, I don’t what is.

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