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Is Seattle A Dying City?

Matt Lillywhite
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Seattle has recently been in the spotlight for a lot of the wrong reasons. Republicans have used it as a case study to highlight places of lawlessness and decay. Plus, the violent protests that occurred last year didn't do the city of Seattle any favors.

Last night, I was speaking to my friend Charlotte who lives near downtown. She told me that "it's no longer the amazing place I grew up in. Unfortunately, it's changed, and not for the better." 

Many other people in the Emerald city feel the same way as my friend, Charlotte. According to the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkin, the "homelessness crisis has been years in the making, and its roots run deep, touching racial inequity, economic disparities, mental health treatment, rising housing costs, mental health, addiction, and so much more. We have a responsibility to be honest that this crisis won't go away overnight. Lasting, meaningful progress will take years. But we still must act - and are acting - to improve life in Seattle."

Violence and homicides in the city have surged over the past few years. And with left-wing protestors succeeding in their calls to defund the Seattle police, the catastrophe is getting worse and worse. The Downtown Seattle Association President, Jon Scholes, has even stated that police response times are increasing due to staffing problems and a reduction in resources. That's obviously a massive problem for the health and safety of Seattle residents.

Ultimately, Seattle is deteriorating and is quickly becoming somewhere that's no longer desirable to live. And with the local government reluctant to improve the problems that are endangering the safety of Seattleites, one can only imagine how bad things will get before they improve.

What do you think of the crisis in Seattle? Do you have any solutions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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