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Does Seattle Need Better Public Transport?

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According to VOX, "Seattle is doing a really good job of both expanding its rail system and improving its bus system at the same time, and actually linking the two systems together to make a much more useful system overall. And not coincidentally, it’s one of the few US cities where transit ridership is growing."

That's not a surprise. Every single time I visit Seattle, I'm amazed at how quick and efficient the public transit system is. For example, the buses are always on time. And it's obviously a lot better than the vast majority of cities around North America.

Here are several ways that the Seattle public transit system could improve:

More connectivity around Seattle neighhborhoods.

Unless you're going to the airport, you're probably taking a bus. And since many routes around Seattle force you to take multiple buses, it can often take much longer than neccersary. For example, it took me an hour and a half to do a journey on a Seattle bus that would normally take 35 mins to drive. Therefore, increasing bus frequency and expanding the network is certainly something worth proposing to local government in the future.

Increased Traffic Flow

It's no secret that driving around the downtown area can be a disaster. After all, it's common to get stuck in traffic jams. However, a resdesign of some districts could create increased traffic flow and as a result, less congestion. For example, the city of Seattle could install more pedestrian and bike paths to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads.

Do you think public transportation in Seattle could be improved? Or is it already perfect? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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