Read These Books If You Want To Make 2021 A Year Of Remarkable Growth

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One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received came from the author, Ryan Holiday. In one of his articles, he wrote about the importance of reading books whenever you get an opportunity:

“Reading must become as natural as eating and breathing to you. It’s not something you do because you feel like it, but because it’s a reflex, a default.
Carry a book with you at all times. Every time you get a second, crack it open. Don’t install games on your phone–that’s time you could be reading. When you’re eating, read. When you’re on the train, in the waiting room, at the office–read. It’s work, really important work. Don’t let anyone ever let you feel like it’s not.”

For 5,000 years, humans have been writing about love, heartbreak, mistakes, and success. Books can help you to learn from other people’s errors, so you don’t repeat them. Plus, if you’re going through adversity, someone else has probably been through the same situation and come out stronger on the other side. Which means you have an opportunity to learn from their actions to do the same.

So if you want to make 2021 a year of remarkable growth, here are several books that are worth reading:

The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

I’ve read this book several times because it’s absolutely brilliant. In it, Ryan uses lessons from history to explain how people have conquered pain, adversity, and many other things that are part of the human experience.

The book discusses the importance of letting go of what you cannot control and focusing solely on what you can. After all, it’s only by being intentional with your time and energy that you can make continual progress towards the life you desire.

“We forget: In life, it doesn’t matter what happens to you or where you came from. It matters what you do with what happens and what you’ve been given.”―Ryan Holiday

Reading this book improved my mental health as I was able to find meaning in my suffering. I recognized that I could learn from adversity to become stronger and more emotionally resilient. And sure enough, when I applied the lessons from this book, that’s what happened.

Letters From A Stoic by Seneca

Seneca, a Roman philosopher, was one of the Roman empire’s most respected intellectuals. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of literature that has ever been produced.

Each chapter is a piece of timeless advice on life, religion, wealth, and many other topics. His writings have been read and studied by historical figures throughout human history. For example, Pascal, Francis Bacon, and Montaigne are just a few names who have been influenced by him.

“Wild animals run from the dangers they actually see, and once they have escaped, they worry no more. We, however, are tormented alike by what is past and what is to come. A number of our blessings do us harm, for memory brings back the agony of fear, while foresight brings it on prematurely. No one confines his unhappiness to the present.”―Seneca

Whenever I’m struggling with something, I turn to one of Seneca’s letters for advice. The reason? Despite being written thousands of years ago, they’re still applicable and useful in the modern world.

12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson

Jordan is somewhat of a controversial figure because his words often get misinterpreted by people who ignore what he’s actually saying.

For example, his interview with Cathy Newman went viral as she tried to twist Jordan’s words to make it seem like he was trying to be offensive. But in reality, his message was simple: take responsibility for your own actions and be a good person.

In his book, Jordan provides a list of useful rules/principles that people can apply to improve their lives. For example, surround yourself with people who want the best for you, and treat yourself like someone you’re responsible for helping.

“You must determine where you are going in your life because you cannot get there unless you move in that direction. Random wandering will not move you forward. It will instead disappoint and frustrate you and make you anxious and unhappy and hard to get along with.”― Jordan Peterson

Over the past twelve months, I implemented Jordan’s advice into my own life and saw massive improvements. After all, I took responsibility for my actions and implemented the necessary steps to make progress towards the life I desire. Now, I’m pretty damn proud of who I am.

Each of the above books changed my life and helped me to become a better person. So if you want to experience remarkable growth in 2021, you’ll probably enjoy every single one.

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