Three Things Women Want You To Do In A Relationship

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Everyone wants to have an incredibly healthy relationship with their partner. But for one reason or another, very few people know how to make that a reality. Quoting an article published by Psychology Today:

"If someone grew up watching their parents or other family members act out chronically toxic patterns, then that person may very well come to define those patterns as "normal" and have difficulty understanding the baseline of what a good relationship looks like."

If that's you, here are several things that you need to keep in mind:

1. Trust your partner with all your heart. Either you do, or you don't. Have faith in your partner's ability to remain loyal. Assume they are always telling the truth - unless you can prove they aren't. When you trust your partner wholeheartedly, they'll be much more likely to reciprocate.

2. Communicate effectively. Contrary to what many people do, yelling at your partner is not a good way to make your opinion known. Sit down. Have a conversation together. Discuss what's on your mind and then try to find common ground.

3. Be patient. Meaningful change probably won't happen overnight. It takes time to improve your relationship. But if you can put one foot in front of the other each day, you'll make a lot of progress over a period of several years.

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