2 Reasons Why You're Still Single

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Let me take a moment to guess your current situation.

You want to be in an incredible relationship. But for one reason or another, you can't figure out why nobody wants to date you.

Sure, your current situation might suck. But if you avoid the following habits, the probability of finding someone to love will exponentially increase.

You're Trying To Find The Perfect Person.

The truth is that perfect people don't exist. Humans are naturally flawed. Everyone has insecurities and imperfections. So if you're trying to find the perfect person, you're going to be searching for an extremely long time. Quoting an article published by Psychology Today:

"Maybe your parents had a hard time giving you praise or weren’t satisfied with your achievements as a child. Maybe the opposite was true: You received immense amounts of praise and learned to expect perfection as the norm, or maybe it's both. Regardless, over time these experiences created a loud voice in your head that tells you your prospective mates aren’t good enough. This opinion is so dominant that you don't give partners a chance. "

Give people a chance. Accept that anyone you date will have flaws and things you may not like. But so do you. Don't be a massive hypocrite.

You Don't Interact With New People.

This will probably come as a massive surprise... but you're not going to find a partner by sitting indoors all day and doing nothing. At the very least, download an online dating app or join an online community so you can interact with people that share similar interests.

Don't try to change yourself. Recognize that there's someone out there who will like you for you. Accept their imperfections. And in turn, they will accept yours.

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