3 Lies You Tell Yourself Every Day

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You destroy yourself with lies all the time. You criticize, judge, and unnecessarily tell falsehoods about your own life. Consequently, anxiety skyrockets, and you quickly find yourself feeling more depressed than ever before.

My friend, it doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to listen to that little voice in your head which repeatedly says you're not good enough. Because once you can identify the lies that you tell yourself every day, it's much easier to believe them in the future.

#1. "If I had more time to do something, I could do it." 

Parkinson's Law is the old adage that work expands to fill the time allotted. In other words, if you say it'll take eight hours to write an article, it'll take eight hours. Likewise, if you give yourself one hour, you'll find ways to achieve your objective within a much shorter amount of time.

 When you set ambitious targets in every aspect of your work, you’ll become much more productive than ever before. For example, if a task normally takes an hour, try to complete it in thirty minutes. Although you may not finish in that timeframe, you’ll develop a work ethic to be efficient as humanly possible.

#2. "If I could be in another place, I'll finally be happy."

Running from your problems won't solve them. You'll still be miserable. The only difference is that you'll be in The Bahamas or wherever else you like to go on vacation.

Changing locations will not automatically make you happy. If you have issues in your life that create negative thoughts, you need to deal with them. Otherwise, they'll follow you everywhere you go.

#3. "Everyone is judging me all the time."

According to research published by The Huffington Post, "self-judgment is one of the major causes of fear, anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, and shame. Yet most people don't realize that these painful feelings are the result of their own thoughts, their own self-judgments."

This is something which I used to think. I was afraid that everyone would criticize me for the insecurities I saw in myself. I was worried that people would continuously judge me on the street and laugh behind my back.

People aren't judging you because they're too busy judging themselves. Once you realize that, it'll be much easier to live your life in whatever way you desire.

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