5 Reasons Why People Swipe Left On Your Tinder Profile

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Online dating is complicated. At least, that’s what a lot of people seem to think. After all, the process of falling in love can be incredibly hard and frustrating at times.

The truth is that online dating doesn’t have to be difficult. Chances are, you’re just making a few mistakes that are quickly turning people off… instead of on.

But if you want to improve the probability of finding someone incredible, you need to stop doing several things that are sabotaging your online dating life.

Here they are:

1. You Pretend To Be Too Good For Dating Apps.

According to research published by TechCrunch, 30% of adults in the United States have used online dating. A lot of other people are doing it. At the end of the day, you’re just trying to find love. That’s nothing to feel ashamed about.

It’s not 2012 anymore. Online dating is becoming socially accepted as a normal way to meet new people and find a partner. A lot of my close friends met their significant other via Tinder and other sites.

“Not really into dating apps… just trying this out” is something I see in people’s profiles all the time. But writing that in your bio doesn’t make you look cool. Instead, it makes you seem pretentious to everyone else who’s just trying to fall in love.

If you genuinely think you’re too good for dating apps, don’t make a dating app profile in the first place. Problem solved.

2. You Start A Conversation With One Word.

A lot of people seem to send “hey" as their first message. That’s a terrible way to introduce yourself to someone who may become your future spouse. Remember… they’re probably receiving loads of messages from other people who are also trying to get their attention.

In the United States, Tinder users are predominantly male. As of December 2019, it was estimated that 78.1% of Tinder users were male, compared to 21.9% female, according to data published on Statista.

The truth is that if you don’t do anything to stand out from everyone else, your message will get lost in a giant sausagefest of DMs from thousands of other guys. Take a look at their profile. Then, ask what they’re passionate about or give them a unique compliment. In a world of sausages, be a hot dog.

3. You Use Someone’s Name In Every Message.

In his book How To Win Friends And Influence People, Dale Carnegie once wrote:

“Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

And while it’s certainly true, it’s crucial to not take his advice too literally. I see a lot of people using the name of their tinder match during every single response. For example:

  • “Hey Jessica, how’s it going?”
  • “So, Jessica, what are you doing right now?”
  • “Jessica, what’s your favorite food?”

That’s a great way to turn someone off… instead of on. After all, using someone’s name during each response will probably make it feel more like a job interview than a conversation.

Which is why it’s better to use their name sporadically — during moments of intense emotional connection and intimacy. It’ll make it much easier to establish a meaningful relationship with your matches.

4. You Write Your Entire Life Story In Your Bio.

Although it’s good to write a sentence or two about yourself, there’s no need to write your entire life story. Save the specifics about your life for exciting conversations as your matches will (hopefully) want to get to know you better.

Give your matches something to ask you during a conversation. As Natalia Lusinski writes in Bustle:

“Paint snapshots of your life rather than listing adjectives and your likes. Who are you, and what is the essence of your life and hobbies that you want to convey? Plenty of people claim to be an adventurous lover of life who loves to travel. Give them a visual of how this is true: ‘Packed a bag and met my friend in Japan with 24 hours’ notice!’”

So if you want to improve the probability of getting more matches, it’s undoubtedly a good idea to write something short and sweet. Make sure it highlights your personality and grabs people’s attention.

People are on dating apps to find love… not read a novel.

5. You Have Fewer Than Four Photos.

According to research published by Bustle, “You should be providing different perspectives of who you are in all facets. If you’re camera-shy, coming up with more than one or two good photos of yourself for your dating apps can be tough — but it’s totally worth the effort if you want more matches.”

When I started online dating, I had one photo on my profile. That was it. And sure enough, I rarely got any matches. It wasn’t until I started uploading many more pictures that my luck on Tinder (and other apps) increased.

Your personality is much broader than one selfie. So if you want to increase your chances of getting more matches, upload several photos. For example, selfies with friends, vacation pics, and anything else that will give other people a good idea of who you are. Help them make an informed decision, so they don’t accidentally swipe left on someone awesome.

Final Thoughts.

Try not to make online dating any more complicated than necessary. If you want to avoid people swiping left on your profile, avoid these common mistakes.

Once you adjust your online dating profile, the effect it’ll have on your ability to meet new people and find love will be profound.

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