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For one reason or another, you want to have better conversations. Maybe you want to meet new people and make more friends. Or perhaps you want to ask out your crush and (hopefully) fall in love. Whatever your rationale, you can certainly have a lot more interesting conversations.

Start by doing the following things:

1. Ask Open-Ended Questions.

"Yes or no" questions are incredibly difficult to convert into a meaningful conversation. After all, the response is likely to be a few words (at most). Instead, open-ended questions create opportunities to learn more about the other person, and spark an interesting dialogue.

For example, you could ask about their favorite memory, or what they'd do in a specific situation. In essence, ask something that can have an interesting answer.

2. Follow Up On What The Other Person Says.

If the other person says they're interested in X, Y, or Z, ask questions about it. For example, if they say they're interested in surfing, ask what inspired them to get into the sport.

When you give people a chance to talk about things they enjoy, they'll naturally love speaking to you. Listen. Pay attention. And follow up on anything they discuss that could potentially spark further conversations.

3. Ask Something That's Completely Random.

Catch them off guard. Ask about aliens, weird situations, or anything that's completely random. In essence, spark a conversation they may have never had before. The effect it'll have on your ability to create a meaningful connection will be profound.

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