How To Create A Tinder Profile That Will Make Someone Swipe Right

Matt Lillywhite

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

People using dating apps (such as Tinder) for a variety of reasons. They want to have great sex, relationships or find someone to spend the rest of their life with. The only problem? They struggle to get matches, and consequently, cannot find someone to meet - and potentially love.

If that sounds like you, don't worry. Here are several things that you can do immediately to make someone swipe right on your profile:

Have A Primary Image That Capture's People's Attention.

Take a moment to imagine you're the other person looking at your profile. If it's a boring or blurry photo, you'll probably swipe left (unless you're insanely good looking). Which is why it's important to have a primary image that captures people's attention. You want them to look at your profile and say, "wow."

Generally, photos with bright backgrounds work well. Also, ensure that the lighting is excellent, so your face (and anything else) is easily visible.

Make Sure Your Images Are In A Variety Of Locations.

Sure, pictures of you at a bar are cool. However, they only highlight a tiny aspect of your personality. Include some photos from vacations, day trips, or anything else that people may find interesting. Or, at the very least, take a selfie with your pet. 

Your personality is much broader than one setting. So let that be known by everyone who views your profile. Having images with various backgrounds will pique people's interest and make them want to learn more about you.

Show Off Your Sense Of Humor.

Everyone likes someone who can make them laugh. Add a bit of humor to your profile. Write something that will make people smile. Even if you're not the best-looking person in the world, having a sense of humor can make people swipe right simply because you're incredibly fun to be around.

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