What I Wish People Knew About Introverts

Matt Lillywhite


A lot of people don’t like being alone. They have a desire to go to large parties, meet hundreds of people, and have long conversations until the early hours of the morning.

That’s not me. I prefer being alone with my thoughts, reflecting on the past, and thinking about everything that the future has to offer.

Why? I don’t know. But it’s a natural part of who I am. I can’t help it. So instead of wishing for my personality to be extroverted, I read, write, and do many other things that you’d expect a typical introvert to do.

You may wonder if an introvert is lonely, has many friends, or anything else that comes to mind. I don’t blame you for thinking that; I’m genuinely empathetic to your curiosity. But the reality is that we often enjoy our time alone, thinking, and pondering the most profound questions of life.

One of my favorite things to do is look up at the stars each night. I wonder if we’re one of a billion species of life, sitting on a planet, and waiting to explore everything that the vast universe has to offer.

There are billions of people around the world. We all can accomplish amazing things, and as a collective, our potential is even greater. So imagine what we could achieve as a species if we spent more time focusing on activities that would enable everyone to live a much happier life.

Or maybe we’re alone. Perhaps life on Earth is everything that is and will ever be. What if we’re the only planet with life in the universe? We have a responsibility to preserve our world and the inherent beauty of this planet. But unfortunately, I’m worried that we’ll somehow manage to screw things up.

So if we’re alone in the universe, I’m worried that life will, unfortunately, cease to exist because of our actions. That scares me. It’s those types of thoughts that keep introverts awake at night. We spend a lot of time in our heads, wondering how we can make a difference, and change the trajectory of our futures for the better.

We always like to learn loads of new things about the world. We’re curious about how things work, and what we can do to solve any problems that we face. For example, I’ll often sit in my bedroom wondering what actions I can take in the present moment to create a better future for myself and those around me.

I’ve noticed that most introverts prefer to study alone. Of course, it’s nice hanging out in a small group of friends. But when we need to concentrate, it’s better to have time alone with our thoughts so that we can focus on the things that matter.

It’s no secret that a lot of introverts also like to read. After all, we’re naturally curious about everything that the world has to offer. So if we can learn something new, there’s often nothing more exciting than burying ourselves in a new piece of literature.

I’ve always loved sitting by the river in downtown Calgary & reading a book in the warmth of the beautiful Albertan sun. The winters are too cold. But during a lovely summer day, there’s nothing more fun than reading a book while surrounded by nature.

If you know an introvert, you might think we’re pretty shy or nervous about having a conversation. More often than not, we’re happy to talk. But long discussions can sometimes be exhausting. So afterward, we’ll enjoy our return to solitude so we can recharge our minds.

The truth is we may not enjoy attending big parties & making small talk with people we hardly know. But if you want to discuss deep topics in an intimate environment, we can hold an excellent conversation for as long as you desire.

I wish people knew that introverts don’t always hide from the world, and avoid all human contact. In reality, we’re just a lot more careful about who we give our energy to. We certainly enjoy being alone. But that doesn’t mean that we’re always lonely.

We’re just trying to understand ourselves so that we can understand the world and everything within it. Because introverts like me aren’t always searching for the meaning of life. Instead, we’re just trying to live a life of meaning.

Every single day.

Photo: Angelika Agibalova/Unsplash

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