5 Exclusive Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

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Before 2008, the world was not familiar with the concept of digital currency. After inventing cryptocurrency, people have introduced the concept of digital currency and it has been invented through the Blockchain network. Since 2009, cryptocurrency has been used in many sectors and people are showing more interest to earn it.

The first invented cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, and it has been invented by the mining process. But now more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies exist in the crypto market. So, it has been created a great revolution with the help of the Blockchain network in the entire currency system.

Since the world is being more digitized, people are being excited to change their lifestyle and want to become themselves digitized as well. In this regard, the digital currency system is one of the ways to make them digitized. But to become this, the first and foremost thing is to earn cryptocurrency.

How to Get Cryptocurrency?

Are you excited to know the ways of earning free cryptocurrencies? In this section, you will learn 5 exclusive ways that will provide you a direction to earn cryptocurrency. So, you can check out this section to know the earning ways of cryptocurrencies.

5 Exclusive Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the popular ways to earn cryptocurrencies. This process can allow traders to buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies. To earn cryptocurrency, you have to choose a trading platform and need to apply some trading strategy. By applying proper trading strategies, you become profitable and get cryptocurrency. Thus, you need to be an expert and experienced to earn cryptocurrencies through crypto trading.

Moreover, you have to learn about the trading strategies that will ensure to make your trading profitable. The crypto market is fully uncertain and risky, so there is no assurance for earning. In this case, you have to apply some strategies depending on the market situation. Without knowing these trading strategies, you can not earn any cryptocurrency.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency trading is the process of buying, selling, or exchanging cryptocurrencies through fiat currencies. In the current crypto market, it is so easy to earn cryptocurrency through the trading process because there are various online platforms available that can allow crypto to buy, sell, or exchange. You need to know the following steps, before starting crypto trading.

  1. At first, you have to open an account by choosing any trading platform
  2. After creating an account, you need to build your trading plan
  3. Research the market situation
  4. Now, you can trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as well as keep track of the market value.

If you want to know the details of cryptocurrency trading, you can read this article.

Cryptocurrency Investment

You can earn cryptocurrency by investing in fiat currency through purchasing any package and you will get a weekly, monthly, and yearly ROI based on your purchased package. When you want to withdraw your net balance, you can exchange it with any cryptocurrency. There is various cryptocurrency investment software available, where investors can invest their fiat currency and earn their desired cryptocurrency.

As a crypto trader or investor, you can earn cryptocurrency in this process as well as the investors can earn a certain amount of profit weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. So, you need to choose an authentic crypto investment platform to invest in your fiat currencies and earn cryptocurrency. For example, Coinbase, Voyager, BlockFi, and so on are the most popular cryptocurrency investment platforms.

Crypto Mining

Bitcoin mining is another way to get Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Though it is time-consuming and uncertain, the crypto miner can be able to get cryptocurrency through this process. To earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you need to know the proper way of crypto mining. Here, I will provide the essential steps which you need to know for starting crypto mining.

There are two different ways to mine Bitcoin, one is Cloud Mining Service, and another is own hardware and software.

Cloud Mining Service

If you want to mine Bitcoin in this method, you need to maintain the following steps:

  1. You need to create a Bitcoin wallet or you can choose anyone from the available list.
  2. Now, you need to choose your preferred cloud mining service provider, and there are several cloud mining service providers available such as BeMine, Shamining, Freemining, Genesis Mining, and more. So, you can choose anyone according to your budget and requirements.
  3. After that, you need to purchase a mining package
  4. Then, you can join a mining pool
  5. After completing the above steps, you can start Bitcoin mining

Own Hardware & Software

This one is another method to get earn cryptocurrency, but you need to follow the given steps:

  1. At first, you have to purchase the required hardware equipment
  2. Then, you need to require a crypto wallet to store your private key and public address
  3. Now, choose a mining pool and join them
  4. After that, you need to download mining software.
  5. Finally, you can start crypto mining to earn free cryptocurrency.

Here, I have discussed the short process of mining Bitcoin, but you need to know the details of how to mine bitcoin to earn cryptocurrency.

Exchange Platforms

You can earn free cryptocurrency from some crypto exchange platforms. For example, Coinbase, Gemini, eToro, etc. these crypto exchange platforms provide a certain amount of crypto reward for creating an account on their platform.

Moreover, these platforms offer sign-up bonuses, as well as according to the investment amount, the investor will earn cryptocurrency. Also, you can earn cryptocurrency by performing several activities such as learning, watching videos, and participating in quizzes. Here, you will get another way to earn cryptocurrency through sharing referral links with your friends or family.

Crypto Rewarding System

There are several ways that allow you to earn free cryptocurrency such as airdrops, crypto faucet, hard-fork, crypto staking, online shopping, and so on.

Each process has an individual structure to get cryptocurrency from them. But the main theme is that you can earn cryptocurrency through this process, you need to share referral links and perform some specific activities.

If you are excited to know the ways of earning free cryptocurrencies, you can try such kinds of ways. Here, I tried to provide an in-depth direction to earn free cryptocurrencies. Through these processes, you can earn free cryptocurrencies as a reward in your crypto wallet.


Though it seems very complicated and risky to get cryptocurrency, it is just a matter of time for you, because you have already understood the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrencies. This article helps you to provide a proper direction to get cryptocurrencies, as well as you can understand the way of earning free cryptocurrencies.

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