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How to Pick a Hopkinton Massachusetts Realtor to Sell Your Home


Traits of The Best Realtors in Hopkinton Massachusetts

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When planning to sell your home, you will consider the home's size, features, and location. How do these stack up against the competition? But you might not have considered the qualities you need to look for in your real estate agent.

When hiring someone to look out for your interests, your first question might be whether to hire a real estate agent or a Realtor.

Many people assume this is the same thing, but while both are licensed to help you sell a home, a Realtor is also a National Association of Realtors member and follows a strict code of ethics.

So how do you choose a Realtor in Hopkinton, MA? We will look at the traits of the best Realtors to help you hire the right person.

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What Makes a Great Hopkinton Realtor?

Before you pick a Realtor, you need to consider their experience, skills, track record, and character. You should look for the following qualities before hiring a Realtor.

Understanding Your Specific Needs

No two sellers have exactly the same requirements, so your real estate agent should listen carefully to what you want.

If you sell your first home, you need more things explained than a seasoned homeowner. They should take the extra time to ensure you are happy with what is happening without rushing the process.

Track Record of Success Selling Hopkinton Homes

While all the traits mentioned here are vital, nothing is more crucial than a track record of success. Why would you pick someone who isn't consistently good at their job?

There is an endless sea of choices regarding Hopkinton real estate agents. Some produce year after year, no matter the current real estate market.

Statistics That Back up Their Success

Two of the most vital statistics of a Hopkinton Realtor are their original list price-to-sale price ratio and average days on the market.

For most sellers, getting the pricing of their home nailed down accurately is critical. What seller wants to be misled on the value of their property?

Homeowners expect the real estate agent to be spot-on with their house pricing. Having to reduce the price due to an agent's incompetence in reading the market isn't a pleasant experience.

Look for a Hopkinton agent who consistently prices correctly from day one. With a proper price, you can also expect the agent's average days on the market to be below the average.

Know the Local Market

If the agent has a good knowledge of the local market, they will be better able to advise you when buying or selling. This can help when pricing the home or making an offer.

Good Communication Skills

Nothing is more disappointing than choosing a Realtor and rarely hearing from them. When it is your most significant asset, you should expect to be in regular contact with your agent.

Your agent should have great communication skills. Buying or selling a home can sometimes be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and you want a Realtor that will be available to help you through the process.

They must also communicate well with the buyer's agent, staying ahead of issues and helping you understand what the other party is looking for.

Your Hopkinton Realtor Should Be Trustworthy

A lot of money is involved during a real estate transaction, so you must trust that your Realtor has your best interests.

They must show integrity when dealing with your transaction without misrepresenting anything to you, even if it’s something you won’t want to hear.

They Don't Practice Dual Agency

If you only understood one thing about dual agency, it's that the only party that benefits from it is the Realtor.

Dual agency occurs when a buyer goes directly to the listing agent. With dual agency, the Realtor becomes a neutral party. They no longer represent you and your best interests.

There is no reason a seller should ever agree to this foolish arrangement. You are paying your real estate agent thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. You signed up for the Realtor to guide you and provide expertise.

When you agree to dual agency, your Hopkinton Realtor can no longer provide any advice as it would be a conflict of interest with the buyer.

Dual agency is a choice. As an agent, you don't have to practice it. Real Estate agents in Hopkinton who put the seller's best interest first don't.

You're paying the Realtor you hire a significant commission. Make sure you get what you paid for.

Provides Advice on How to Get Your Home Ready

Great agents know the importance of presentation when selling a home in Hopkinton. You rarely get a second chance to make a great first impression.

Real Estate agents that consistently produce for their clients provide the advice necessary for the property to be staged for sale.

They don't worry about hurting the seller's feelings if something needs to be changed. Everything from de-cluttering to storage solutions should be discussed if necessary.

Maybe you need advice on hiring an excellent junk removal company or where you can donate to charity. These are the kind of tips you should expect from a well-connected agent.

Effective Marketing

Selling a home might be challenging, even when the situation favors sellers. Your Realtor should actively market your home to find a buyer faster and get you the best price.

Doing so starts with hiring a professional photographer. The first showings on your home won't be when someone steps through the door, but online.

The difference between a professional and an agent taking the photos will be readily apparent to potential buyers.

Great Hopkinton real estate agents will also craft exceptional descriptions highlighting your property's best attributes. They understand the importance of your property standing out from the competition.

Your agent should be able to make the most of social media to ensure that as many buyers as possible see your home.

They also should have a website that displays the homes they sell.

Use a Vital Selling Strategy

When real estate markets favor sellers, it is essential to go outside the box. One of the best strategies for selling a Hopkinton property for top dollar is to defer the showings for a few days and have an offer deadline.

In hot markets, it's commonplace to get an offer on your home immediately. The problem with marketing in traditional fashion is you could leave money on the table.

You'll never know if someone would have offered you better terms if you accepted an offer from the first person who views your home.

Deferred showings with an offer deadline prevent this from happening. Hopkinton real estate agents who don't follow this sales strategy are doing a disservice to their clients.

Top Agents Don't Overplay Open Houses

Some real estate agents love to tell sellers an open house is necessary to sell a home. It's a big lie and a common real estate myth.

The best people walking through your door will be scheduled showings by real estate agents, not those who stop by an open house.

Open house means available to anyone, and that is exactly what you'll get. What many Hopkinton agents will fail to inform their clients is that they are a magnet for theft.

Open houses benefit agents far more than sellers. Genuine buyers always schedule showings and are vetted by the Realtor. Open houses are the exact opposite.

Good Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an important part of the transaction. Your agent must have the experience and the skills to negotiate the best deal for you. They must understand when to ask for more and when to give and take if necessary.

Negotiations don't always stop at the offer. The home inspection can often be a second round of negotiations where your Realtor's negotiation skills are tested.

Having the wrong agent can mean less money in your pocket.

Problem-Solving Skills

Things can always go wrong, and you want a Realtor capable of coming up with solutions quickly. It might mean renegotiating with the buyer's agent or changing something to keep a buyer happy.

Whatever the situation, your choice of a Hopkinton Realtor could make a difference.

Up-to-Date Market Knowledge

The housing market is always changing, and your agent should know the latest trends and topics. As well as understanding the local market, overall market knowledge is important to help buy and sell homes effectively.

Knowledge typically translates into knowing how to solve issues that always come up in real estate transactions.

Attention to Detail

Small details are often crucial in real estate. A conscientious Realtor will make sure you know everything you need to and get property details right.

They should also be well organized to follow up on leads and not make scheduling mistakes.

Understanding Your Situation

If your real estate agent can empathize with what you are going through during the transaction, they will better help you. This will make your experience of the situation better and could avoid wasting time and money.

The Bottom Line on Choosing The Best Hopkinton Real Estate Agent

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a seller to fire their real estate agent.

Choosing a Realtor might not seem like the most crucial decision when buying or selling a home, but it could be more important than you imagine.

The right agent looking out for your interests will benefit you in negotiations and throughout the process. Making the right selection will likely put more money in your bank account.

If you are considering selling your home in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, or other Metrowest communities, feel free to reach out for an interview. I would welcome the opportunity.

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