What Does a Seller's Agent Do For a Massachusetts Home Seller


The Role of a Seller's Agent in Massachusetts Home Sales

When you have not sold a home in a long time, it is possible you might not be up to speed with current real estate lingo.

A real estate agent can have many different names depending on what side of the fence they are on. Real Estate agents in Massachusetts can represent buyers, sellers, or both - referred to as dual agents.

A seller's agent is also referred to as a listing agent. Agents representing Massachusetts home sellers have a specific role in a real estate transaction.

Their goal should be getting the seller the best possible terms and conditions. Some real estate agents excel at this, while others can be poor performers.

When selling a Massachusetts home, choosing an exceptional seller's agent is critical.

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What is a Massachusetts Listing Agent or Seller's Agent?

A seller's agent is a real estate professional who assists in preparing and showcasing property for sale. The agent can be a real estate broker, Realtor, or real estate agent.

Listing agents represent home sellers and work as fiduciaries in their best interest. A seller's or listing agent is the exact opposite of a Massachusetts buyer's agent.

What Does a Seller's Agent Do For Massachusetts Home Sellers?

Let's examine everything a listing agent will do for you when selling a home. We will start at the beginning of the home-selling process and work right through to the closing.

Help Set The Stage For a Successful Sale

One of the essential aspects of selling a home in Massachusetts, or anywhere, is staging it for sale. A home must look its best to get top dollar.

An excellent seller's real estate agent will provide tips and advice for getting the home ready for sale. You should count on advice from de-cluttering, removing extraneous furniture, and having a professional cleaning.

Price The Home Accurately

Nothing is more vital to any home sale than setting the correct list price. The best listing agents take the time to analyze the comparable sales data carefully.

They will prepare a comparative market analysis that outlines their findings. A top-shelf real estate agent never tells sellers what they want to hear to obtain their business.

On the other hand, unprofessional Massachusetts real estate agents will do just that.

Have a Sound Real Estate Marketing Plan

Exceptional Massachusetts seller's agents will have a time-tested marketing plan that works. Some of the things you should expect are the following:

  • Photography is provided by a professional, NOT the agent taking the pictures.
  • A real estate agent who takes the time to craft creative listing descriptions that will appear in the multiple listing service and on marketing material.
  • Enhanced marketing in popular real estate sites that buyers visit regularly.
  • Their own real estate website to market properties.
  • Color marketing brochures that are left at the property.

Negotiating Skills For The Offer and Inspections

Part of excellent representation with a seller's agent will be negotiating skills. Before negotiating, a skilled agent will cover the crucial contingencies in the offer-to-purchase agreement with the seller.

They will also ensure that the buyer is qualified to purchase by getting a pre-approval letter from the buyer's mortgage lender.

The agent must be skilled at explaining the pros and cons of all the terms the buyers request.

Once the offer has been executed, the agent needs to be able to handle requests if something pops up from the buyer's home inspection. It is not unusual for a second negotiation set to occur, especially if it is not a seller's market.

Many listing agents will attend the home inspection so they have a clear handle on what's been flagged by the buyer's home inspector. It is much easier to understand issues when you're present.

Attend The Real Estate Appraisal

In most real estate transactions, the buyer will be getting a mortgage. Most of the time, when they do, the lender will have the home appraised by a licensed appraiser.

The appraisal ensures the buyer is paying fair market value for the property. You should expect your seller's agent to meet the appraiser at the property to answer any questions.

A listing agent might also provide some comparable sales to assist the appraiser.

Remain a Problem, Solver, Until The Closing

A seller's agent's job is never done until the papers pass and the buyer has taken possession. Even then, some things can come up after the closing.

Before the closing happens, there are usually issues that come up. A listing agent is always there to help the seller navigate any problems.

Communication is one of the most crucial traits of the best Massachusetts listing agents.

How to Find a Massachusetts Seller's Agent

The best way to find a seller's agent is to get a referral from family or friends if you don't know any great local agents.

You must rely on a Google search when you don't have friends or family in the area. You can try the best real estate agents near me or the best Realtor near me for some results.

Make sure you do a careful vetting process of the agents you're planning to interview.

Final Thoughts

For many reasons, having a real estate agent when selling a house is a great idea. A real estate agent can provide valuable market knowledge, help price the home accurately, and create a comprehensive marketing plan to attract buyers.

Additionally, they can use their negotiation skills to handle offers and inspections, attend the appraisal, and remain problem solvers throughout the process.

Using a seller's agent can help you save time and money by taking some workloads off your shoulders. They'll also make sure that you get the best deal possible.

In the end, having a real estate agent to help guide you through the home-selling process can save time, money, and a lot of stress.

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