What is The Difference Between a Showing and an Open House


How Do Showings Differ From an Open House?

Do you know the difference between open houses and home showings in real estate?

When most people decide to sell their homes, they hire a real estate agent. For a real estate agent to be effective, they must get potential buyers interested in your home.

Several ways to do this include pricing correctly, having exceptional photography, marketing well online, and having the home staged correctly for showings.

All of these ingredients go into creating a successful marketing plan. You can show your property to home buyers in a few different ways.

Real Estate agents have scheduled showings and open houses. We will examine the difference between a home showing and holding an open house.

By the time you're done reading, you'll better understand why scheduled showings with a real estate agent are much better than having an open house.

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What is an Open House?

An open house allows potential buyers to gain an up-close view of your home. Open houses are customarily scheduled on a weekend or later in the evening during the week.

The best time to host an open house is typically on a Sunday for a few hours to get maximum traffic. Most agents host an open house between noon and four on the weekends.

During an open house, a buyer does not have to be accompanied by their real estate agent (if they have one.)

There is no need for an appointment or qualifications to tour the open property. If you look closely, you're bound to see many real estate agents hosting open houses in your area.

What Are The Downsides of an Open House?

When selling a home, it is not uncommon for sellers to wonder if they should have an open house. The thought that goes through many potential sellers' minds is, will an open house work to sell my home?

You'll likely get a different response depending on who you speak to. Many real estate agents love to play up the importance of an open house.

Let's get one thing on the table - an open house is entirely unnecessary to sell your home in the digital age.

Anyone interested in purchasing a home that matches your property's characteristics will schedule a showing with a real estate agent.

You may be wondering why does it matter? Are there risks to having an open house? The answer is YES! An open house is just that - OPEN TO EVERYONE.

While there may be some legitimate buyers touring your home, there will also be people that don't belong. Some of them will be your nosy neighbors and those that drive around looking to check out open houses.

That's not the worst of it, though. The potential for theft at an open house is significant. Nobody polices who enters the front door.

Real Estate Agents Push Open Houses For Their Benefit

Real estate agents talk up open houses as being so wonderful because they are fantastic for prospecting for future clients. It could be one of the neighbors considering stopping by because they're thinking of selling their place or a potential buyer that's not a match for your home.

Open houses are great for real estate agents to prospect for business. They get to use your home as their sales office for the day.

While it doesn't happen often, it presents the opportunity for a real estate agent to become a dual agent. You should never accept your real estate agent practicing dual agency. Again the benefits go to the agent, NOT you.

Since dual agency is awful for consumers, it has been banned in several states.

What is a Showing on a House?

A home showing is a scheduled appointment that allows a potential buyer to tour your home. Usually, unless you direct an agent otherwise, you'll confirm the requested showing time is convenient.

The buyer's agent will accompany the buyer to the showing and should always be with them.

To safeguard your security, unaccompanied purchasers must never enter your home. If an unaccompanied buyer stops by your home looking to get inside, don't let them!

When showings take place, you should not be present. Buyers need to be able to speak freely about your home.

It is vital to be as flexible as possible with house showings. A missing showing on your home is a missed opportunity to sell it. Try to be as flexible as possible.

Do you're best to have the property in "show ready" condition.

What Are Accompanied Showings?

One other thing worth mentioning is not to have accompanied showings. An accompanied showing makes the listing agent attend with the buyer and their agent.

If you think you're agent is somehow going to influence the buyer to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, you're wrong.

Pointing out that the kitchen was remodeled and you just added a sprinkler system isn't going to do it.

Buyers know within a few minutes of entering your home if they consider an offer. Your agent being present isn't going to make a difference.

Potential Buyers and their agents don't want the seller's agent breathing down their necks. A home viewing should be a pleasurable experience, not one filled with pressure tactics or salesmanship.

The Difference Between House Showings and Open Houses

There is one very significant difference between a showing and an open house. With house showings, 99 percent of the time, the buyer has been vetted.

Real Estate agents rarely ever will show a home to a buyer that is not qualified. Doing so will be a complete waste of time. Who wants to show homes to a buyer who can't afford the property? That makes no sense!

Real Estate agents will typically insist on a buyer getting pre-approved for a mortgage before they start showing homes.

The pre-approval will put the buyer in a position to make an offer on a home they want to purchase. Real Estate agents won't have to be guessing if they're wasting their time or not.

With a home showing, sellers can feel confident knowing the person entering their home belongs. They are a serious home shopper and not there for some other reason.

Final Thoughts on Showings vs. Open Houses

Never let a real estate agent convince you that an open house is needed to sell a home. Any agent telling you this should be fired. The best real estate agents will explain the pros and cons of open houses.

Your focus as a seller should be to have as many scheduled showings as possible. The more appointments are set up, the greater the odds of getting an excellent offer.

The bottom line is most sales happen due to a showing, not an open house.

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