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Selling Tips For a Massachusetts Condo

Selling a condo is a big decision in one's life. It means you're ready to move on to your next journey in life. Quite often, that means taking a jump to a larger single-family home.

You probably have some enjoyable memories in your condo, but having a yard and more privacy is exciting too.

If you want to sell your Massachusetts condo quickly for top dollar, you must follow some sensible, time-tested advice. Selling your condo won't be challenging when you follow these tips.

Let's go over what it takes to get your condo sold fast.
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Pricing Correctly is Vital

It goes without saying that correct pricing in real estate is the most vital step for selling any property. If you overprice your condo, nothing else you do will matter. All of your other efforts will be wasted.

To accurately price your condominium, carefully examining the data presented will be essential. The real Estate agents you are interviewing will present a comparable market analysis of similar properties.

If all the condos in your neighborhood are selling in a specific price range, you must ensure your home fits in appropriately.

For example, if other units have significantly upgraded kitchens and baths, don't expect to get the same price. That would be unrealistic thinking.

Lean on your real estate agent for expert pricing guidance. It is the most vital aspect of selling a condo.

Timing is Everything With Condo Sales

The spring and summer months are typically known as the prime time for home sales. However, this does not always apply to condos.

It's essential to understand that all real estate is local. Again, leaning on your real estate agent can help determine when it's the best time to list for sale.

Families with school-aged children tend to purchase homes in the spring and move in the summer to avoid disruption to the school year.

Condo buyers, such as singles, retirees, and newlyweds, are not necessarily tied down to the same timeline of school schedules.

Additionally, many condos do not include outdoor areas or yards. Therefore, seasonal landscaping is not of concern.

If your condo is situated in a heavily touristic area and often used for vacation rentals, it may be wise to list it during peak season when there is a higher likelihood of foot traffic.

In many areas, selling a condo will be most appropriate in the spring months, but there are opportunities in other seasons as well.

Staging and Preparation Are Always Vital in Selling a Massachusetts Condo

Would you rather look at a property that is a disheveled mess or one that is in pristine condition? Silly question, right? In real estate, turnkey sells!

Don't underestimate the importance of staging properly.

The demographics for many condo buyers is someone who doesn't have time or energy to make repairs or upgrades. One of the reasons they want to purchase a condo is to free themselves from the burden of maintenance.

You want to make it easy for condo buyers to see themselves living in your place. Here are some of the steps to getting your condo ready for the market:

  • Declutter so that all the rooms are free and clear - no excess furniture. You might even consider donating your unneeded furniture.
  • Put large unnecessary furniture into a local storage unit.
  • Remove everything off the counters.
  • Get rid of any junk that won't be coming with you. Call a junk removal company if you need to.
  • Make any necessary repairs.
  • Paint any rooms that need it. This includes any wild color schemes. Neutral paint colors help a condo sell quickly.
  • Have your condo professionally cleaned as a finishing touch.

The Real Estate Agent You Pick Matters

One area of real estate sales where many sellers don't spend enough time is choosing a Realtor to help them. Look for an agent who has a track record of success.

Remember selling your Massachusetts condo is a business decision, not a popularity contest. A great personality doesn't sell condos.

Look for an agent who has some experience selling in your condo community.

Professional Photography is Vital

When it comes to selling a condo, having professional photography is essential. Professional photography can help showcase the property in the best possible light and make it stand out from the competition.

Professional photos also add an extra layer of credibility to the listing, helping buyers feel confident that they are making a sound investment. Ultimately, investing in professional photography can be a great way to help increase exposure and attract more potential buyers.

There are few things more crucial in selling a condo than having professional photography.

When interviewing real estate agents, make sure you ask whether they will be hiring a professional. Gorgeous photography is one of the basics for selling any property quickly.

Highlight Your Condos Strengths

When selling a condo, it is essential to have marketing brochures that emphasize the unique strengths of your condo.

If the community is popular, make sure to highlight this in the brochure as well. This will help potential buyers understand why your condo stands out from the competition and why it is the perfect place to call home.

Maybe there are great schools or convenient access to highways. Is a beautiful park or lake just down the street for recreation? Many potential buyers will not be aware of local amenities unless they are pointed out.

A gorgeous color brochure is an exceptional way to market your Massachusetts condo!

Understand Your Condo Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Every community that an HOA governs will have covenants, conditions, and restrictions that need to be followed. It is very helpful to have the condo docs printed and ready to go for a buyer to review.

It will be one of the first steps in the buyer's due diligence process. Along with the rules, having the latest financial statement handy is worthwhile.

Having the documents ready will help speed up the process of selling your condo.

Skip The Open House

One of the time wasters for a condo seller is having an open house. If you want anyone with a pulse coming off the street looking at your unit, then, by all means, have an open house.

Open houses are pushed by real estate agents hoping to double-side a sale, creating dual agency (bad for you) or get a buyer for another listing.

Genuine buyers schedule showings with real estate agents. You will lose nothing by skipping an open house. It's the dirty little secret in real estate that many agents don't want you to know.

If Your Desperate, Then Sell to a Real Estate Investor

Sometimes in life, there are unexpected events that create financial havoc. If you need an immediate sale of your condo, you can sell to an investor for cash.

Remember, however, that you will sell for pennies on the dollar. A real estate investor will offer you thirty to forty percent lower than the market value.

You can accomplish the same thing and net more money by listing your property slightly below the market value.

Have a Real Estate Attorney in Your Corner

In some states, including Massachusetts, a real estate transaction's closing process requires an attorney's assistance.

Sellers are not required to have a real estate attorney, but I always highly recommend one to my clients.

Enlisting the help of a real estate attorney can help protect your interests.

An attorney with extensive experience in condominium sales can offer the expertise that surpasses that of the average real estate agent.

Such attorneys can provide essential services such as signing contracts, reviewing titles, including contingencies, identifying possible tax benefits, and other potential red flags.

Going without an attorney when selling a Massachusetts condo is not wise.

Final Thoughts on Selling Condominiums

Selling a condo is a little different than selling a single-family home. Following these steps will increase your odds of having a successful sale.

If you need assistance selling your Massachusetts condo, feel free to reach out for assistance.

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