How to Sell Your Massachusetts Home For Cash


What to Know About Selling a Massachusetts House For Cash

Are you looking for a cash buyer for your Massachusetts home? There are many reasons why a cash buyer could be appealing.

Some of the benefits of selling a house for cash include closing quickly, selling as-is, not going through the hassle of showings with multiple buyers, or potentially dealing with a real estate agent.

Without a doubt, selling a house can be a hassle but having a cash buyer solves many of the common issues that lead to stress.
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What Does Selling a Massachusetts Home For Cash Mean?

When you sell a house for cash the buyer does not procure financing with a mortgage lender. A cash buyer will not have a mortgage or any financing contingencies in their offer.

Benefits of Selling a House For Cash

There are certainly advantages to having a home buyer who will pay cash. These are the most common reasons selling a house for cash is popular for a percentage of sellers.

You Can Close Quickly

Purchasing a house with cash is an expedient option, as it eliminates much of the paperwork and other processes associated with traditional home buying. This can result in substantially faster closing times.

The closing process can be expedited if time is not taken to make necessary repairs, secure lenders, or present the home in its best look for showings.

No Home Sale Preparation

When it comes to the process of selling a property, there is no need to worry about thorough preparation or staging. A real estate investor will be buying your home in its present condition with all of its warts.

No Repairs or Improvements

When selling for cash there is no need to worry about making repairs to glaring deficiencies. An investor will be making their offer by taking all of the problems with your home into consideration.

No Need to Interview Realtors

Moreover, selecting a real estate agent is no longer an arduous task, as there is no need to interview multiple agents to determine the ideal fit. When selling to an investor there will be no real estate agent involved in the transaction.

Without a real estate agent, you will not be paying a Realtor's commission.

No Professional Photography or Website Marketing Needed

Another home selling step that can be skipped is getting professional photography done for your property.

Sellers can avoid the hassle of showcasing their home to numerous potential buyers, as open houses are no longer required. This makes the process more efficient and eliminates the need for wasted time.

You also don't have to worry about theft from having a foolish open house.

You Avoid Contingencies in Your Real Estate Contract

Perhaps one of the best things about selling a house for cash is not having to worry about numerous real estate contingencies. Since an investor is almost always buying as-is, there are several contingencies that will be avoided.

You don't need to worry about the following common buyer contingencies:

Downside For Selling a Massachusetts House For Cash

As with most things in life, there are two sides to every story. While there can be some excellent benefits to selling to a cash investor, there is one serious downside.

When you sell a house for cash to an investor, you'll be leaving a significant amount of  money on the table.

A real estate investor is only going to be paying you pennies on the dollar for your property. It is not uncommon for a real estate investor to pay 30-50 percent less than the market value on the open market.

Obviously, that is a ton of money to forego. While you might need to sell your home quickly, are you really in such a bad spot that you couldn't market your home in a traditional fashion?

Even paying a real estate agent their traditional commission, you will net far less when selling to a real estate investor.

A comparative market analysis, conducted by a real estate agent, can provide insight into the potential profit of selling a property. Though investors may not offer the asking price, a hot real estate market could present an opportunity to do so.

Selling your home by putting it on the open market could potentially get you significantly more money and also selling quickly.

Who Are The Investors Looking to Buy Houses For Cash

There are essentially three types of property investors. You will encounter the large investor companies such as "We Buy Ugly Houses or "We Buy Houses. These companies are house flippers. They will purchase as-is, fix it up, and the put it on the market to make money.

You might also encounter an iBuyer which is different from a traditional cash investor. An iBuyer wants to purchase homes that are in much better shape. They will purchase under market and then put the property back on the market in hopes of making a quick profit.

The third type of investor is buy and hold. These investors will purchase with the intention of renting the property for yearly profits.

Final Thoughts on Selling a Massachusetts House For Cash

Selling a home for cash works for a small percentage of homeowners. When you need to get out from under a large debt, cash buyers work well.

If you are not in such a big financial hole that you can wait a few extra months, selling traditionally makes far more sense.

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