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Preschool Sweethearts Tie The Knot 20 Years Later— The Beautiful Love Story Of Matt Grodsky And Laura Scheel

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Laura and Matt's love story is the Romeo and Juliet of our time.
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I think at some point in our lives, we all desire a certain kind of love. The one that is beyond our understanding—pure, unbreakable and destined by nature— even though it's hard to find. However, we still celebrate those that have been blessed to experience it.

Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel met when they wre just three at a pre-school in Phoenix, Arizona. Though they were just kids, the spark could not be denied.

According to him, the first day he saw Laura on the playground, he knew he wanted to be friends with her, but it was easier said than done. The little man knew he had to pull up his socks, so he followed her around until Laura fell for it. "I'd always try to impress her by reciting lines from movies like "The Lion King" and stuff like that". After that, the two were inseparable.

They played together and did everything together. Both parents could tell the bond was strong, but never in a thousand years could they think they would be inlaws one day. Their babies were just kids anywhere.

However, something in Matt told him this was not just some puppy love; one day, he stood in front of their mates and proclaimed his love for her. "When you like someone, you just stand up and say it, and that is exactly what l did". Of course, his classmates thought he was just a joke and laughed. (I think l would have done the same, honestly.) but the young man was not moved at all.

He did what most of us at that age wouldn't t have done. He stood his ground and defended himself, "Just you wait".( I know what l would have done, l was always a crybaby anywhere.)

Unfortunately, the puppy love had to be cut short at some point. Matt and Laura were sent to different primary schools. They only spoke through Christmas cards sent between two families, but nothing can stop what destiny has mysteriously bound together.

One day while Laura browsed a friend's phone in high school, she noticed someone she knew. After inquiring, the friend confirmed it was Matt and that the two had met in the same class during elementary school. It was the friend that reconnected the love birds after learning of the attraction at an early age.

As much as they say lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place, some places are an exception. When the two began talking together, although it had been so many years, the feeling was still mutual, and the actual date began but was short-lived.

University time came, and the two went to two different states altogether. At that moment, the love birds debated if it was worth holding on or giving up. "Right after we graduated from high school, we were pretty hesitant. We were like, 'Do we stay together? Do we try to make it work?".

Sometimes, we lose the best we can ever have in giving up quickly, and I am happy the couple decided to soldier on even though the road was not easy. On the 23rd of May 2015, Matt felt it was the right time to propose to Laura at the beginning of their senior year.

However, he never desired the meals and boons kind of proposal most of us crave; he just wanted to keep his kindergarten word. He took Laura back to their pre-school and proposed outside. ( What a special moment, I am so emotional right now)

Laura could not believe it, and with tears of joy, she said YESSSSSS to the man of her dreams. At that moment, Matt's brother brought out a picnic basket, but it was not just a random one. Something was sacred and unique about it. It was the same basket their father had used a long time ago when he got down on one knee for their mother.

On the 30th of December 2016, the young couple opened a new chapter of their love story as husband and wife.

What a happy ending. I wish the best for them and always know there is someone for everyone out there. We need to work together to create such memories.


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