Police Refuse To Take Stalker Case Seriously Until Woman Goes Viral On Twitter— The Disturbing Case Of Aziza Murphy

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The heartbreaking story of then 28-year-old Aziza Murphy resonates with many people, especially women of colour, as she had to fight for her protection rights through social media for the police to consider her case.

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In October 2020, a young divorced mother of two, Aziza Murphy, went viral on Twitter after expressing that she had pleaded with Baltimore police to take her stalker case seriously, but to no avail.

According to her, despite presenting them with an overwhelming amount of evidence, including a video of Yasin trying to break into her home, she was told that her ex-boyfriend of four months had not yet done anything that warranted an arrest — and there was nothing they could do to protect her—something the public described as appalling and unacceptable.

As if that was not heartbreaking enough, her employer also fired her because Yasin was harassing her colleagues and threatening to kill them, which forced her to open a GoFundMe to support herself and the kids. Without any other choice, she turned to the public for help. In her first post, she wrote, "If I die, I want everyone to know it was Seti Yasin."

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Me and him dated until a few months ago. He went through my phone and I ended the relationship. I dropped him off at the train station and he showed up at my house. He broke my window. Broke into my house and stole my keys. After he left he started calling non-stop. He called 1,065 times within 24 hours. He’s calling me from fake numbers. He has been contacting my ex-husband’s family, calling my exes, my dad, and my job. Writing to all of my friends. I think he’s logged into my stuff and is tracking my location. I am not safe and I am not okay. He has a history of violence, specifically violence against women that I was not aware of until it happened to me. I’m posting so that no other person who dates Seti in the future will be blindsided.”

Within a few minutes, thousands of people retweeted and shared her post until it got into the hands of prominent people, including the FBI. However, it also got to Yasin, who attacked her even more.

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According to her, even though at that moment she felt like her fate was sealed, and she didn't have much time left, she came out to try and prevent another woman from being a statistic in Yasin's hands and was grateful that the world listened. However, as we have always seen in such cases, some people always blame the victim, and Aziza was no exception.

One lady commented, "She cheated; that's why she won't tell that side of the story ", and the other responded, "If true. You need to stop and deal with this like an adult. Take the steps, not the tweets. Until you make better life choices, patterns repeat. He won't be the last to treat you this way. Terrible people are terrible people. Don't fool yourself."

However, the police finally intervened, and Yasin was arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison. They later confirmed that he had four restraining orders and a history of women abuse in different states. One of his exes also said that "he had a warrant for terrorist threats", and she was also grateful that she left before anything irreversible happened to her. Nevertheless, she also sympathized with Aziza and prayed she stayed safe and would get over the trauma sooner rather than later.

However, in her closing remarks, Aziza said she was initially frustrated with how her case was handled and that it took social media to intervene for her voice to be heard just because she was a woman of colour. And that it was very disappointing that racism and discrimination still exist amongst people who claim to fight it. Nonetheless, she was grateful for the experience as it showed her what kind of a woman her mother had raised and was proud of herself.

As a black woman, such stories make me sick to my stomach and l pray that one day, we all shall see each other the way God sees us — in his image.

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