Woman catches her brother-in-law cheating while her sister is still in the hospital after delivering their son

Mary Duncan

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.*

My friend Thea discovered that her husband was having an affair while she was still in the maternity ward after giving birth to their second child. Her husband, Ryan, had told Thea that he’d been called into work and would get paid double for coming in as they were so desperate, and since Thea and their new son Oliver were doing fine and supposed to go home the next day, she agreed. Thea’s reasoning was, even if Ryan had stayed in the hospital with her all night with their newborn he wouldn’t have gotten any sleep while she was up nursing the baby, and would be more useful to them both if he were making money instead.

A few hours after Thea had given Ryan his leave, her sister Bree showed up to meet her nephew. They visited for a while, and then Bree offered to go to Thea’s house to pick up some things that would make her more comfortable for the rest of her hospital stay.

Well, when Bree arrived at Thea’s house she found that Ryan’s car was in the driveway as well as an unfamiliar van, and the front door of the house was unlocked. Bree let herself in, calling out Ryan’s name as she walked through the foyer, and then was stunned to catch Ryan on the couch in the act of cheating on Thea with a woman who was just as stunned to be interrupted.

“What are you doing here?” Ryan shouted at Bree.

“I’m here to pick up some things for your wife since you were supposed to be working and unable to help her!” Bree retorted.

“Get out of here, Bree!” Ryan growled at his sister-in-law.

“Oh, no. She gets out, right now, and you and I are going directly back to the hospital and you’re going to tell Thea what’s going on where I will be her witness.”

“You can’t be serious,” Ryan said.

The woman Ryan had been with scrambled to get her things together and rushed out of the house crying. Bree cowered over Ryan with her hands on her hips.

“Bree, please, don’t make me do this,” Ryan begged her.

“If I thought you were asking me to spare you because you loved my sister I might think about it, but I know you’re just going to want to avoid taking responsibility for anything. Let’s go,” Bree demanded, and Ryan reluctantly got in Bree’s car and went with her back to the hospital.

Thea has told me over and over again, the story of what Ryan did to her that day, and how angry she was at the ‘other woman’ who came into their lives and ruined their marriage, but it was different hearing it from Bree’s point of view.

Bree very matter-of-factly presented the information she’d just learned to her sister while Ryan stood by in shame, and Bree knew she was doing the right thing, sparing her sister years of potential heartache.

What do you think about how Bree handled the situation?

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