Woman insulted, enraged when husband replaces her food for dinner party

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission.*

My mom has never been the greatest cook. I’m not sure why, because my grandmother was great at it, and I would have assumed she’d pass her knowledge down to her daughters, but apparently she skipped my mom, and therefore my mom skipped me. I can’t cook for the life of me, either.

On top of being a not so great cook, I don’t have much variety in my repertoire. I tend to cook the same simple things over and over again because they are easy, I am familiar with them, and fairly confident I can cook them well.

I will tell you one thing, though, I will never, ever offer to make anyone a Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t know the first thing about cooking a turkey, basting it, making stuffing taste delicious, and the way my sister cooks gravy she makes it look like witchcraft.

I’ll never understand why anyone would assume such an undertaking of a Thanksgiving dinner if they don’t know what they are doing going into it. How can you expect to feed a half dozen people or more if you can barely manage a simple dinner for you and your husband? That’s what I would have asked my friend Jenn if I’d had the guts.

Jenn invited my boyfriend and I over last weekend for a “Friendsgiving” dinner - an after Thanksgiving gathering of friends for another big meal. Jenn planned on cooking a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce all from scratch, and though I offered to help, she refused any assistance in the kitchen.

We arrived for dinner along with a few of her other close friends and waited in the living room with Jenn’s husband, Mark, while she finished cooking. We heard a lot of pots and pans banging around, a lot of splashing in the sink, and a few choice curse words.

At one point Mark got up to check on Jenn’s progress and we heard them have quite a loud row in the kitchen, and Mark came out shaking his head, looking angry.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, and disappeared upstairs.

A few minutes later he was back with a smug smile on his face. We drank or wine and chatted while Jenn continued to wreak havoc in her kitchen, and then just before it was about time to eat, the doorbell rang and Mark’s face lit up with a smile.

“Dinner time,” Mark said, opening the door to find a man whose arms were loaded with boxes and bags of take-out Chinese food that Mark had ordered.

Without a beat, Mark brought all of the food into the dining room which was already set for Jenn’s Thanksgiving dinner and he started unpacking the food. That’s when Jenn entered the dining room through the kitchen and saw what he had done.

“What is this?” She demanded.

“Come on, honey, you know we were all going to be hungry after dinner anyway, right?”

Jenn’s face turned beet red and she made an angry snarling noise before returning to the kitchen. Mark followed her, trying to make nice, and screaming ensued.

We guests did our best to ignore it and started eating the Chinese food, right in thinking Jenn would not make an appearance again that night. She was too embarrassed by her husband’s behavior to face us, and too angry at him to speak.

Mark slunk back into the dining room and ate Chinese with us, looking embarrassed himself.

How would you have reacted to what Mark did?

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