Man accidentally introduces the wrong woman as his fiancée at rehearsal dinner

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission.*

One of my friends, Thea, has very strong feelings about how and when one should enter into a new relationship after exiting an old one. She’s very vocal about her opinions and lets it be known that she doesn’t respect people who rebound on purpose and that there should be at least six months to a year between all serious relationships.

I happen to disagree with her. I think that sometimes a rebound relationship is exactly what is needed after a bad breakup. Something to clear the air, reset the life, and help one to move on.

When I got out of my last serious relationship I immediately moved on to someone else. It didn’t last long or go well, but I think it was important to me at the time to get back on the dating scene and convince myself I was worthy of love. After that, though, I was single for quite a long time while I waited for the right guy to come around.

I know this woman, Maddy, who’s now husband Craig was like me, but also not like me. He could never be single, but he would jump from serious relationship to serious relationship without any casual dating between.

For three years Craig was in a relationship with a woman named Sarah. Everyone thought they would marry, but they suddenly broke up when Sarah’s mother, who lived across the country, became very ill with cancer and Sarah went to be with her. Craig owned his own real estate company and couldn’t just up and leave it to go with Sarah. Though the breakup was amicable, it was very sad. The two of them stayed close friends after the break up.

Regardless, Craig moved immediately on to Maddy, my good friend Chelsea’s sister. Maddy sunk her claws into Craig quite quickly and they were engaged within six months and to be married within a year.

Much to Maddy’s chagrin, as Craig had stayed very close with Sarah, he invited her to the wedding and she flew across the country for the weekend to attend. This meant she was a guest at the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding.

Have you ever heard the term ‘loose lips sink ships’?

Well, the night of the rehearsal dinner, Craig made the mistake of his lifetime. Halfway through the dinner he stood up with Maddy to make a toast to their guests and said:

“My beautiful fiancée Sarah and I thank you for coming.”

Sarah. Not Maddy. Wrong woman.

The room was silent and Craig’s face went red, but Maddy’s face was redder. She let go of Craig’s arm and sat down in her seat, fuming mad. Across the room, Sarah looked as mortified as Craig.

Some may think a person might not want to go through with a wedding after that, but Maddy knew she had a catch in Craig, and married him the next day anyway.

How would you have reacted to Craig’s faux pas if you were Maddy?

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