Woman’s sister asks her to change her wedding date so she can go to pop concert instead

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.*

I’ve never been married, not even close, but I’ve always wanted to get married. I want the commitment in my life, and the security of knowing someone will always be by my side. I want to find the love of my life and get him to marry me, and of course I have my ideas of how I want my wedding to be.

I’d like to get married on the beach and have a reception under a tent of sparkling lights near the sea, something simple but beautiful in my opinion. It doesn’t have to cost much, I could even make my guests stand around the beach to save money on chairs and I don’t think people would complain if it were short enough, and I’ve never been into lavish things.

My friend Chelsea is a lot like me. I have known Chelsea since high school and she had been engaged to the same guy for years before they finally started planning their wedding. It wasn’t going to be a fancy affair, but it was going to be at an all inclusive wedding venue. - the kind of place that takes care of everything for you, you just show up and get married.

One day I went with Chelsea and her sister, Maddy, to pick out Chelsea’s wedding dress. Maddy was two years younger than Chelsea and much less mature. Though I had known her for most of her life, I hadn’t seen or talked to her much in the years leading up to Chelsea’s wedding because she’d moved away.

I couldn’t believe that day how rude Maddy was to Chelsea when she was trying on dresses. She criticized the fit of everything Chelsea tried on, and even when Chelsea found what she in her heart knew was “the one” Maddy was dismissive and disagreeable.

I knew that Maddy and Chelsea weren’t close, but I had no idea how inconsiderate Maddy could be until she called Chelsea three months before the wedding and asked her to change the date.

“Listen, I know you sent out save the dates but you haven’t sent out invitations yet. Is there any way you can change the date of your wedding? I got tickets to a great concert that I don’t want to miss and it’s on the same day.”

Chelsea was shocked at her sister’s audacity, not just to ask that, but to buy concert tickets anyway knowing they were for the date of Chelsea’s wedding.

“No, I’m not changing it,” Chelsea apparently told her. “And if you’d rather go to the concert, that’s just fine with me!”

After all that, it didn’t surprise me that Maddy did indeed choose to go to the concert instead of her sister’s wedding, and after all that, Chelsea stopped talking to her.

What would you have done if your sister were so rude?

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