Bride asks her bridesmaid to wear in heels before wedding to avoid foot pain on her special day

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.*

I have been close to my friend Chad since we were kids, and I think it’s since we’ve known each other for so long and have seen each other go through so many life changes, both physical, emotional, and personal, that we never got close to dating. I was never attracted to Chad, nor him to me as far as I know, and he always felt more like a brother to me than a friend.

It was much to his mother’s chagrin that we never got together because she always loved me and treated me like a daughter. When we grew up and Chad and I both started dating other people, she would always ask me when I came over, “When are you going to give my Chad a chance?” And I would laugh it off as politely as I could, as a woman in her generation had a harder time, it seemed, understanding male and female friendships.

Eventually Chad started dating Rebecca, the woman he ended up marrying, and Chad broke all of our hearts with that terrible choice. From the moment he proposed to her (at her nagging, practically begging requests), she instantly turned into the worst Bridezilla I’ve ever seen in my life. Everything had to be her way, everything had to be perfect, everything had to be expensive or at least project the appearance of wealth.

Lucky for me, I wasn’t close to Rebecca, just Chad, so I wasn’t invited to be one of her bridesmaids. I feel very badly for the woman who were asked to stand up for her and cater to her on her wedding day, but I felt especially bad for Melissa.

Melissa was Rebecca’s cousin, and though they had apparently been close when they were young, Rebecca pushed her away when they got older. However, Rebecca knew that Melissa worshipped then ground she walked on and would probably do anything for her, so she made Melissa a bridesmaid just for that reason.

A week before the wedding I was out having a beer with Chad and he put his head in his hands and said,

“You wouldn’t believe what Rebecca made Melissa do.”

“What?” I asked, anxious to hear the gossip.

Apparently, Rebecca had asked Melissa to take her wedding shoes, a pair of white, satin spiked heels, and wear them for a week to break them in for her. Rebecca whined that it was so important for her to be comfortable dancing in them on her wedding day and how could she be if she destroyed her feet breaking them in that night?

So, instead, she tasked her cousin to bear the brunt of the foot discomfort in breaking in new heels.

“She told her, ‘Your feet are already ugly,’” Chad told me, and I wanted to cry for poor Melissa.

Sure enough, on the day of the wedding Rebecca was wearing her perfectly comfortable, broken in heels and Melissa was wearing ballet flats with bandaids at the backs of her heels from the blisters she’d endured for days.

What would you have done if a bride asked you to break in her shoes?

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