Woman chooses husband’s sports car over her children in custody battle

Mary Duncan

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

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I have heard of some despicable things go on between couples in custody battles but nothing like what went down between my old coworker Rich and his wife Rayna.

The couple had two young kids together, toddlers at the time of their divorce which is a good thing for the kids It was good that they didn’t need to witness or really know what was going on between their parents at the time this all went down.

I was bartending and Rich was a cook at the restaurant where we worked, and I will never forget the night he came in, on one of his nights off, and looked like he had been crying. I poured him a beer and the shot of whiskey that he asked for and then insisted he tell me what was going on.

Rich said that he had been over at his friend’s house helping him fix up his car and when he got home, there was a strange car in the driveway. Rich had no choice but to park his nice sports car in the street because his driveway was blocked. He entered the house and immediately heard his children crying in their bedroom and went to them immediately. The kid’s room was locked, a chair blocking the door from the outside so they couldn’t get out.

Then he heard his wife’s laughter from the bedroom.

After checking on his crying kids and settling them down, he put them to bed and went down the hall to his bedroom. By that time it was no surprise to him to find another man in the room with his wife.

Very long story short, Rich filed for divorce from Rayna, and the battles over property and custody began, and no one was more shocked than Rich to find out what she wanted.

Rich filed for full custody of the children, knowing that Rayna was more preoccupied with her own life than the lives of her kids. He was worried that he wouldn’t be awarded full custody, because mothers generally get at least joint custody, but Rayna threw them all for a loop.

When he asked for full custody of the kids, she had one request for herself - she wanted his sports car. Rayna knew the sports car that Rich worked on constantly was his pride and joy and prized possession, but of course she also knew he loved his kids more. It was a despicable, nasty thing for Rayna to do, but I guess that’s what kind of person she was.

Rich gave up his car but kept the house and kids. I don’t know what happened to Rayna because Rich never wanted to talk about her. I just know he is now a very happy single dad.

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