Father abandons his daughter on her wedding day, won’t walk her down the aisle out of spite

Mary Duncan

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

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My friend Angela had a pretty messed up childhood, which is why I think she has so many problems with relationships now that she is an adult. Her parents were never married, her dad was only in her life sporadically at best, and her mom was alcoholic that Angela often found herself taking care of.

As Angela grew, it was clear that she was becoming more mature than both of her parents ever were. Angela bought a house before either of her parents did. She got married (and divorced) before either of her parents did.

One of the more mature things Angela did as an adult was work to fix her relationship with her parents, and she really did do a good job. She helped her mom get a good job and let her rent a room in her house so she could also help with Angela’s kids.

Once she got her mom on track, Angela took her dad and made sure that they talked every other day and went to lunch or dinner once a week. It seemed like she had really repaired things and cultivated adult relationships again.

But then, Angela got engaged to a man her father did not approve of. Her new fiancée was at the time an unemployed biker who she met at a biker bar, and he wasn’t very respectful to her father, just because he wasn’t raised to be.

Angela persisted on marrying him though, planned a wedding that she could barely afford, and begged her father to walk her down the aisle this time like he hadn’t for her first marriage. Angela’s dad pleaded with her not to marry her fiancée, but as Angela’s mind wouldn’t be changed, he finally agreed to come be in her wedding.

He even came the to the rehearsal dinner, going through the practice motions of walking her down the aisle arm in arm, and drank and laughed and acted totally normal over dinner.

Then, the following day came, the wedding day… and he didn’t show up.

Angela waited and waited in the church for her father to show, making her fiancée wait at the alter for her, but he didn’t come. He abandoned her on her wedding day because he didn’t approve of who she was marrying, and they haven’t seen or spoken to each other since.

Angela believes he did it completely out of spite, because he was mean enough to show up for the rehearsal and act like he would be there for her for her big day.

I don’t blame her at all for not speaking to him again, would you?

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