Parents enraged when school bully cuts off their daughter’s hair during class

Mary Duncan

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.*
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When I was a kid, especially in elementary school, I was bullied constantly.

There were a group of girls who would just make fun of me about everything - my weight, my glasses, my clothes - anything they could see or hear to pick on, they would.

It isn’t easy being a kid, because kids can just be so mean.

However, what I went through was nothing compared to what my friend Liz’s daughter Molly went through earlier this year in fourth grade.

Molly was being bullied by some girls in her class, not because she was overweight with glasses and bad clothes like me, but quite the opposite - because she is so pretty, all the other girls hated her.

This was just the time when the boys stopped thinking the girls had cooties and kids started to “date” each other in the way kids do.

All the boys loved Molly, and all the girls hated her for it.

So, they tore her to shreds in any way they could - especially a girl named Sara.

Sara repeatedly got in trouble for physically bullying Molly - tripping her in the hallway, smacking her books out of her hands, throwing spit balls at her in class, every mean thing she could think of.

One day, Liz got a call from the school to come down and pick up Molly because she was hysterical, and there had been an “incident” in class.

The incident was that Sara went behind Molly and cut off her ponytail right from the top, completely ruining her long, beautiful hair.

Liz was furious when she went to pick up her heartbroken, soul crushed little Molly from school, because even the teachers had pity on her and let her go home that day.

Liz and her boyfriend, Molly’s dad, talked to the principal of the school and made sure that Sara was properly punished for what she did.

She didn’t get expelled, but she did get suspended from school for a week.

Liz took Molly to the nicest salon she could afford and got Molly the cutest little pixie cut that ended up looking great on her, and her hair eventually grew back.

If you were Molly’s parent, how would you have reacted?

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