Woman horrified when grandfather remarries and new aunt is 30 years younger

Mary Duncan

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a friend who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

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My friend Liz has always had a bit of a strange family.

Her parents had her when they were only sixteen and still in high school, but they beat the odds and not only stayed together but they both graduated, then went on to have two more kids, Liz’s younger sisters.

Liz always thought it was a little strange having parents that were so young compared to my parents or our other friends, and there was always a bit of darkness hovering around the family.

Liz’s parents were drinkers and Liz often found herself taking care of her little sisters when she was much younger than she should have been to have that responsibility.

Liz would cook the girls dinner, make sure their homework was done, make sure they were bathed and ready for school in the mornings - it was actually really sad.

Her grandparents were no help through all of this time.

Liz’s grandparents were divorced, her grandmother had moved to California and her grandfather was serially dating until he finally found a woman to settle down with for the rest of his life - a much, much younger woman.

Just as they were celebrating her grandfather’s 65th birthday, he announced that he was marrying his girlfriend, and that they were thrilled to be expecting a baby.

Liz’s mom freaked out. Up until that point, she had been an only child and stood to inherit everything from her father, but now that another child was coming along that would mean her inheritance was cut in half, and she was the type of woman to really worry and be bothered by that.

Liz, too, was weirded out by the whole thing.

When the couple went out in public, her grandfather looked like his girlfriend’s dad, not partner, and everyone who saw them probably thought the same thing as well.

Finally a beautiful baby was welcomed into the world, and, as she was wont to do, Liz found herself babysitting for her new aunt.

“Oh, what a beautiful baby, congratulations!” People would say to Liz when she brought the baby out in public.

“This is my aunt,” she would sometimes say, but then, after so many horrified and confused expressions, not to mention questions, she stopped saying that and just took the compliments.

What would you have done in Liz’s situation?

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