Why it's never a good idea to kiss your dog on the mouth

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The fact that it's odd and that dogs lick their behinds so frequently makes us hope you're not doing it. There is a lot of it.

But just in case you were considering giving your pet a kiss, here's a terrifying reason why you should absolutely avoid doing so.

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Medical Why it's time to give up your extremely bizarre habit, according to TikToker @medexplained2you: "If you frequently kiss your dog on the mouth, you should stop.

You might even lose your limbs because of it." Say that aloud three times quickly.

Despite the humor, the bacteria can transmit from dog to person and result in some very awful conditions: "This is a dangerous ailment that can result in broad systemic infection, septic shock, and even gangrene depending on how quickly it progresses and when it's discovered.

"Amputation might end up being the only option" Why not just quit kissing your dog instead? That seems like a simple solution to me," the TikToker continued. It turns out that the germs can actually do a lot of damage, in case you thought the content creator was just playing a practical joke on you.

Even if the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) supports this, it's vital to remember that it's a rather uncommon occurrence: Rarely, Capnocytophaga germs can be transmitted to people by dog or cat bites, scratches, or another intimate contact, and they may lead to illnesses like sepsis.

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"The majority of people who come into contact with dogs or cats don't get sick. People with compromised immune systems who have trouble fending off infections (such as those with cancer or those on specific drugs like steroids) are more likely to get sick."

Regardless of the situation, it doesn't seem worth it to risk a serious infection in exchange for a slobbery kiss from your dog, no matter how adorable they are. Furthermore, we would like to point out that even if there were no significant health risks, kissing your dog would still seem strange.

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