Convivial October | Delight your Kids by Practicing Fun Activities in Fall

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Fall, the time of festivals and vibrant colors, has here. The US is very irresistibly attractive now. Unfortunately, we tend to forget to enjoy the essence of the season as we go about our hectic everyday lives. However, fall is the greatest season to venture outside and explore the outdoors while it's still a little chilly. Kids often follow their parents but when parents are busy, they don’t fully absorb the traditions and lack fun.

For Halloween, some kids dress up, while others are lazy and stay at home. However, some kids are adventurous, always looking for new endeavors to undertake, and require assistance to do so.

In this blog, I will recall and introduce a list of activities you can push and guide your kids to perform.

Hiking and Outdoor Activities

October is the best time for hiking and outdoor activities when the temperature is between 70 to 80 degrees. Let your kids explore the colors and beauty of nature and help them being familiar with the sports activities which help them to be closer to the environment.

If your family doesn’t like hiking or if it is hard to travel farthest areas for hiking then make a list of the national parks near you and plan a picnic loaded with lots of barbeques, walks, and apple picking.

Pumpkin Carving

Who doesn’t like carving a pumpkin? If you want to engage your entire family in it, this fall activity must be topmost on the list. Neither everyone is creative nor everyone can adopt the highest level of skills. Don’t worry! Click here to get thousands of ideas this season.

Jack o’ Lantern Festival

If your kids really love to see the lighting and some unique carvings on the pumpkins by professional artists, then Blaze at Hudson Valley, NY, and Louisville in Kentucky are two spots you must visit. These festivals also lit literally 7000 Jack o’ Lanterns, make a planetarium, a headless horseman, a windmill, and whatnot.

You can also take your kids to Halloweentown which experiences town-wide celebrations. It will help them to recall the Twilight movie which was filmed in St. Helens.

Visit this season and give your children to write a travel history and help them make some good memories.

Know More About the History

Just like love, education conquers all! Just kidding. Get your kids some history books that explain why is it challenging to celebrate Columbus and Witch Trials books to give them some extremely spicy and eye-opening information.

Thinking about the books which will enhance your kids’ knowledge? Find here.

Take Part in Oktoberfest

The US celebrates October in the form of festivals, parades, food, bear, dance, etc. In Georgia, Helen Oktoberfest is the longest festival lasted for two months from September to October. You can plan a visit there to add more fun to your kids and bring life. Similar festivals are also held in Ohio, Vermont, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Texas, etc. Choose the destination and have a blast of fun.

Already planned your October? Share your plans in the comments.

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