Your happiest childhood memories have been revealed!

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What are the memories of your childhood that you will always keep in your memory and in your heart? Check out these unforgettable moments

Each generation lives in a different way. Depending on the time in which you were born, you had wonderful experiences and perhaps other not so good ones that also mark and define you. The same will be said by the people of the generation after yours. Children are influenced by their experiences at school. Most of us remember the first day of school as a happy memory. This is a time when we are not burdened with worries, and there is nothing to hurt or worry about. But we can make our childhood memories even better by taking a few measures now. To achieve this, let us look at the most important days of our childhood. What will make your childhood memories truly unforgettable?

What unites them all, yes, is childhood as a powerful moment, full of learning and memories in which family, dreams, friends, school and imagination played an essential role: they made you who you are today.

Let's remember together those special moments and plans of your childhood that you will never forget.

1. Christmas
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Surely you think that your Christmases were the best. Those from before were full of illusion and mystery due to the delivery of gifts, the night of the candles, the days making the instruments to sing Christmas carols, the delicious mixture of custard, fritters and other delicacies, the games between grandparents, parents, uncles, cousins ​​and friends, all around those days of celebration. It was the best time to be a child!

2. Play outside
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The children of the past were not supervised to the extreme. Do you remember how many hours you could be away from home without your parents worrying? And you, in the park, in the sandbox, imagining hundreds of things, dreaming. The children of years ago enjoyed a freedom that is unthinkable today and, unlike the little ones of today, they actually spent more time outside than at home with a cell phone. There were days when you could go out very early to play with your friends from the neighbourhood and you only went home to have lunch or eat.

3. Vacations
Happy family playing with soccer ball outdoors near the forest on vacationsmstandret / envatoelements

School breaks were missed like never before by the little ones. The situation has not changed: children love to have free time to do what they love the most! However, when there were no cell phones and other virtual activities, vacations were days to play for hours and hours without stopping. When the parents did not have to work, the plans were then the opportunity to visit the zoo, a recreational park, go to the pool. How much illusion!

4. Family reunions
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Today the families are the father, the mother and a maximum of two brothers. Before, couples had at least five or six children, so families were very large. A meeting was a total party with people of all ages and characteristics. Not only did everyone have a great time, but they also strengthened the bonds that united them.

5. Costume Day
Little boy and girl dressed up during costume day at schoolbialasiewicz / envatoelements

They call it Children's Day, Halloween, Witches' Day... let's just say that it was the day to dress up as your favourite superhero, the cartoon character that stole your sleep, your favourite animal... that day was he could be another being and receive a lot of sweets for it. Fortunately, this tradition has not only been inherited by children but also by adults, so that when you are older you can continue enjoying it. However, it will not be the same.

Your childhood memories are your best friends. The people you've known throughout your childhood have helped you develop your personality. You can't be the same person you were as a child. Your kids have their own personalities and can relate to different situations. As they grow up, they start to develop the abilities that will help them grow up. They can't understand how to behave around others, and they have the best memories of their own.
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You can write about all the memorable moments from your childhood. If you were the one who created these unforgettable moments, you'll be able to share these with your kids and your friends. You can also try therapy or a psychologist. Those who have experienced the effects of stress and anxiety can benefit from their knowledge about memory. It's important to keep in mind that some memories of childhood can come back through dreams. So, be prepared to experience many more unforgettable moments in your life!

What do these memories mean to you? What others do you have in mind and heart? Share them in a comment😊. Always remember “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

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