Walnut Launches Viral "We Are Prospects" To Continue Disrupting The Sales Industry

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For most SaaS companies, the sales process is extremely complex and can take weeks to complete. In fact, according to Hubspot, the average B2B sales cycle lasts nearly three months (84 days).

This stands in stark contrast to the B2C sales process, which continues to get simpler and shorter. Customers looking to buy something online can enjoy a completely automated process that requires just a few clicks.

The B2B buying process, however, is far more complicated. From the need to book meetings, sit through long discovery calls, and wait sometimes weeks to be able to even see the product, both B2B buyers and sellers are often frustrated by a process that feels overly disorganized. That’s likely why Gartner found that 3 out 4 B2B buyers (77%) described their most recent purchase as "very complex or difficult."

Walnut starts a movement

With the goal of simplifying this sales process, the leading sales/product demo platform Walnut has launched the viral #WeAreProspects movement. The campaign is based on the fact that “We are all the prospects of someone else,” explained the company’s CEO, Yoav Vilner. This means that the push to reinvent this industry should be relevant to everyone.

The company envisions an ecosystem where every sales product or tool does its best to provide the best buying experience possible.

To announce the launch, they produced a campaign video that imagines a world in which a customer in a brick-and-mortar store faces the long process that is expected of B2B software buyers. The “it’s-funny-because-it’s-true” depiction brings the audience face to face with the absurdity of the many hoops that buyers need to jump through when trying to simply try a SaaS product and buy it.

But besides bringing attention to the issues facing SaaS sales, they also intend to help solve the problem with their WeAreProspects page.

Walnut has partnered with various other prospect-focused sales tech companies, like Vidyard, SimilarWeb, Dooly, Contractbook, and other solutions that offer aid to sales teams across their cycle. They are all featured on this page so that sales teams can visit the page and be able to enjoy discounts and special offers on the tech that can most significantly improve the way they sell.

A huge step in the right direction

While fixing the B2B sales process may sound like a tall order, Walnut is not shying away from the challenge.

This bold outlook is something that comes very natural for a product demo platform that prides itself on offering software that promises SaaS companies that their “buyers will say 'I do.'”

Since launching in 2020, Walnut has become an integral part of the sales tech stack, due to its ability to help sales teams quickly create interactive sales demos that can be personalized for each prospect’s need. These demos let prospects have the chance to experience the product for themselves early in the sales process.

But while they are aiming to completely revolutionize B2B SaaS sales, they understand that changing the way software businesses sell is not a transition that’s going to be able to happen in a moment.

Nevertheless, the message of the campaign is a welcomed step forward for millions of sales teams and prospects around the world who are ready for an improved B2B buying process.

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