Walnut Launches Collaborative Abilities To Further Re-invent B2B Sales

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B2B sales have been innovated in the last several years. The dinosaur feeling of cold LinkedIn outreach, combined with robotic-like templated product presentations, has led several emerging startups to rise up to the challenge. One of them is Walnut. The New York startup, founded by Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland, has created a personalized sales demo platform that allows companies to easily create staggering sales experiences tailored for each individual prospect. The platform is built on a no-code infrastructure and has been flourishing since its launch, growing a staggering 700% in four months near the end of 2021.

Walnuts For Teams: Collaboration Hub For Enhanced Sales Operations

After snapping an additional $35 million funding in Series B (announced January), Walnut has kept its promises for product & technology advancement and launched Walnut for teams. The latest release is designed to enable entire sales teams to work and learn together, providing a fluid communication channel where sales reps can learn from each other's accomplishments. This is set to significantly improve a more cohesive sales experience for both buyers and sellers.

Demo Customization Wizard: Manual Work Out, Hassle-free Personalization In

With a growing state of competition between sales reps, Walnut has worked to relieve time-consuming manual processes on their platform. They have launched the Demo Customization Wizard, a tool that enables sales reps to create and personalize each product demo in a matter of seconds. The feature is built on a set of multiple images and text variables that can be defined by a sales rep. Essentially, this means that all a sales rep needs to do when building a personalized demo is enter the prospect's info into the wizard. A feature like this shows Walnut's line of thinking and familiarity with sales rep internal individual experience. When high-growth firms are 61% more likely to involve automation in core business processes automation, a solution like the Demo Customization Wizard is a strong step in the right direction.

"While working closely with large numbers of sales reps, we saw the need of removing redundant and manual tasks. We wanted to help sales teams focus on what truly matters, on the conversations themselves, and remove all time-costing tasks for them in the preparation," said Yoav Vilner, Walnut's CEO. "This cleans up time for sales teams to focus on a strategy without sacrificing the personalized buyer's experience."

Improved Analytics: New Era of Data-Driven Sales

Analytics are powerful in almost any part of business; in sales, however, it is crucial. Nowadays, where buyer expectations from sellers are continually rising, sales teams need to be highly data-driven. Walnut is innovating a new era of analytics. Besides stats typically used by sales teams, Walnut for teams offers more advanced metrics relevant to an individual prospect's interests. This will allow sales teams to utilize previous prospect data in order to further optimize the demo experience. Sales reps can therefore form an easy-to-consume learning hub and work together as a team to understand what works and what doesn't.

Stacked Demo Libraries: Segmentation and Funnel Optimization

As the customer/buyer journey seems to become more complex, sales reps realize that they not only need to personalize the sales experience for an individual prospect but that they also need to personalize it to an individual point of time in the sales cycle that this prospect is at. To help smooth out this process, Walnut has built a stacked demo library infrastructure to allow sales teams to segment their demos based on market segment, stage of sales funnel, and individual prospects. The notion is that once this library has been built, teams will scale their selling by having easy access to templates that have proven results.

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