The Advancement of Video as a Leading Marketing Tool

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How to Choose the Right Video Solution for Your Business

With the advancement of technology and the increased use of video in marketing, it's important to have a video solution that meets your needs.

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve with your videos. What do you want people to feel when they watch them? Do you want them to see your products and services in action? Do you want to know which video technology and service financially benefit your business? Or which video platform connects you to global advertisers?

Once you have answered these questions, it will be easier for you to choose the right video solution for your business.

Here are the leading Video Software and Solutions that you need to know about:

Video Exchange Marketplace: Truvid

Truvid is a video technology company that enables instant connectivity to a live video ecosystem. Premium publishers use Truvid's SAAS platform & technologies to monetize their sites and distribute their own content to billions around the globe, making them a strong content provider. Advertisers also trust Truvid's platform to access brand-safe, high-quality, and transparent ad inventory. Truvid is led by CEO Roee Lichtenfeld, a Digital solutions visionary and strategist with +15 yrs of experience spearheading B2B publisher growth solutions. Truvid has been gaining lots of press mentions recently; this is a strong indication of where the Video marketplace industry is heading and also on how Truvid is revolutionizing it. The Win-Win-Win approach that Truvid is facilitating is where the creator economy meets corporate publishers and large media companies; this builds up a marketplace that is both dynamic and also contributes to all parties involved.

Video Editing Software: Canva

By now, it is very obvious that Canva has become the leader in the fields of design editing and content marketing graphics and production. Canva has also upgraded its Video editing process and made it very easy for editing professionals and novice editors to create intriguing video clips or even full-length productions. Surely there are other video editing platforms that are more advanced, but the simplicity, and easy-to-use features of Canva, make it a great solution for editors at any level who want to make great content.

Video Subtitle Generator: Kapwing

Kapwing is a great software that automatically adds subtitles to your video. You first need to upload your video, then it scrapes up the audio and generates subtitles for you. Afterward, you can edit the subtitles and make sure they are accurate. This might be essential for the reach and engagement of your videos, as this study suggested a 40 percent increase in views of captioned videos versus uncaptioned ones.

AR Video Capabilities: banuba

Via banuba's website: banuba is a face software company on a mission to build the most immersive augmented reality platform. Our Face AR and Video Editor SDKs are a simple, powerful, and affordable way for developers to create AR apps that inspire people to communicate. Today, our technology turns the camera into a lifestyle companion that ignites creativity, removes communication barriers, and lets people self-express in a digital world. With AR becoming such a dominant pillar in digital media, it will be excited to see how it advances.

Video Translator:

VEED's online transcription service allows you to transcribe your audio and video files to text. With how global digital media is, this kind of tool can help amplify your content into many countries and provide an easy-to-consume experience for many people. VEED also has additional products that you should check out. They also have very flexible pricing models that can work for freelance video editors to full-enterprise companies and video agencies.

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