Not getting a livable salary in California? State promises $6,000 for eligible households via Guaranteed Income Program

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What do you think is a livable salary in California? Some will say $60,000 is enough, while others may think $200,000 is not enough. It all depends on your lifestyle. Of course, if you are compromising on things like housing and clothing, you won't need a lot of money. And if you are fond of buying branded clothes and going to restaurants with family once in a while, you will want more than the average amount.

According to an online source, California is one of the most expensive yet wonderful states to live in. If you are earning around $46,636, you might be able to afford to live for a single person. (Source)

Thankfully, the state already has certain relief programs on offer. Two good examples are Middle-class Payment Program and California CalWORKs.

Another one that promises $500 a month is the Guaranteed Income Program. Let's check out its details.

The Guaranteed Income Program for California residents

$500 a month for the next 12 months means you might be eligible for $6,000. This is what the state is offering to help people get some relief.

These state-funded pilot programs aim to serve hundreds of people across California. Monthly payments are meant to help them buy food or bear the costs of energy and housing.

The good news is that there is still time to apply if you are a Sacramento family. This is a new phase of the payment program. In the first edition, a guaranteed payment of $300 a month was given to several families. (Source)

I suggest you check this link to know how to apply.

Will you grab the opportunity?


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