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Looking for affordable housing in NYC? See your eligibility for the Homeless Assistance Fund Program

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Are you homeless?

It won’t be wrong to say that New York has a record number of homeless people. So many of them are jobless and don’t even have money to buy food, which is why they live in shelter homes and continue facing a wide range of challenges.

A report shows that in December 2022, more than 68,000 homeless people were sleeping in shelter systems. Out of these, up to 22,000 were children. The worst part is that the problem of homelessness is faced by people all over the state. In some areas or cities, their number is higher than in others. (Source)

I have already talked about several relief programs that we can take advantage of in one way or the other. A couple of examples are shared below.

  1. Empire State Fellows Program
  2. Home Energy Assistance Program
  3. Housing Choice Voucher Program
  4. Access to Home Program

If you are homeless, belong to New York City, and are on the lookout for affordable housing, there is a unique program for you. Please check the details of the Homeless Assistance Fund Program.

The Homeless Assistance Fund Program for New Yorkers

Some months ago, Mayor Eric Adams joined hands with SeaChange Capital Partners’ John MacIntosh and others to launch a multi-million program. It was meant to help homeless people improve their lives. About $15 million were announced for shelter development, according to an official report.

If you live in New York City, you can send your funding inquiries to You can also check the program details here. Please note that there is no guarantee that you'll get the financial assistance. The content is only for educational purposes.

Do you think this can change your life to some extent?


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