Pollution greatly affecting people of color in Illinois, Florida, and NY: Why is it so and should we worry?

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What do you think is the actual reason?

We all know that constant and long-term exposure to air pollution can affect our health. When someone breathes in air full of pollutants, they are likely to have digestive problems. Also, these pollutants enter the blood and can cause coughing, itchy eyes, lung diseases, and breathing problems. The situation gets worsened when a person is hospitalized and premature death occurs.

The air quality in Florida and New York is not the same as it used to be. Similarly, in Illinois, people are living in highly populated and polluted areas and there seem to be so many issues.

A large number of harmful chemicals and particles are being added to the air every day and Florida, Illinois, and New York are not the only places where people are being affected.

Black people are widely affected by air pollutants: Should we worry?

A study reveals that people of color or black people are highly exposed to air pollution. It means they have higher risks of developing breathing problems due to poor air quality than white people.

African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics are all having problems irrespective of their income. One of its main reasons is that Black communities live in areas close to industries or are within industrial zones.

It is, no doubt, a matter of great concern and their issues should be resolved as soon as possible.

According to New York Times, the current infrastructure and highways are not friendly and Black people breathe in diesel emissions and other harmful pollutants.

There is a strong need to provide a safe and healthy environment across Illinois, New York, and Florida.

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